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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Job 20:20



20 Surely he shall not feel [yada`] quietness [shalev] in his belly [beten], he shall not save [malat] of that which he desired [chamad]. KJV-Interlinear



20 'Because he knew no quiet within him He does not retain anything he desires. NASB



Typically, the belly refers to the content of ones intentions, the objects of ones feelings or desires, the emotional aspects of ones life, the voraciousness of ones appetite for the things of this world.


In this respect, the belly is the priority of ones focus on life, rather than truth. People tend to focus on their emotional reactions or responses, or wants or needs, from the world, rather than focusing on the truths, which define life.


All things in life work together for good. All things in life were created for good. All things exist for the benefit of good.


Nothing exists in any way, for bad.


So the question here is, which do you align yourself up with, good, or bad? And good, is the obvious choice, since bad leads to nothing, exists for nothing, and ends in nothing. Why would anyone spend their entire life pursuing nothing?


Throughout our Bible study, we read all of the 'In the beginnings ,' all of the 'begats,' how David threw a stone, of baby Jesus in the manger, and so forth. In all of the Bible, you will never find the specs for a better mouse trap, how to design a music player, how to build a better rocket, how to make a car safer, even how to change a diaper. None of these things are taught.


The Bible does not teach you how to conform to this world, but how to build a relationship with God.


Through your daily study, while in fellowship, you read the words, and the Holy Spirit builds a spiritual complex within your soul. He does this supernaturally. You cannot feel it, taste it, see it. The spiritual life is something which cannot be measured or even detected.


While your spiritual life is growing, simultaneously your capacity grows. Capacity is your ability to contain or hold something. And in this case, that capacity is for life, for happiness, for fulfillment, for completeness and so forth.


No study, means no doctrine, no doctrine in the soul means no capacity, no capacity means that whatever you have, you cannot hold, you cannot retain. You are no better than a sieve. The water poured into you runs right out. The pleasures of life, your pursuits, your desires, your achievements, all of these run right through your fingers. You cannot hold them nor keep them.


And when you lack the ability to retain anything, then your life is an empty life. You have no peace, no happiness, no fulfillment. You drink and drink and drink and drink, and everything you do in life runs right out as though you never took your first sip. It does not matter whether you are a peasant or a billionaire.


You remain thirsty, hungry, and insatiable without end. And that is a life without God, without Christ, without doctrine.


Because a person lacks doctrine in their soul, they lack capacity for anything and everything in life.


Spiritual growth produces doctrine in the soul, which builds up a complex within the soul, a palace, a temple, a fortress. Utilization, in fellowship, of the doctrine you know, provides spiritual production or furnishings for that complex, temple, fortress. Your soul becomes a home that is lived in.


A home that is lived in, becomes a home of security, a home of happiness, a home of capacity for all of these things and more. And capacity becomes a container into which God can pour blessings.


When you lack doctrine, lack a functioning spiritual life, then the very best you can have is a sign planted in the middle of your soul, 'Coming Soon,' but construction never begins and all that exists are the weeds.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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