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Job 20:24-25



24 He shall flee [barach] from the iron [barzel] weapon [nesheq], and the bow [qesheth] of steel [nachuwshah] shall strike him through [chalaph].

25 It is drawn [shalaph], and cometh out [yatsa'] of the body [gevah]; yea, the glittering sword [baraq] cometh out [halak] of his gall [marorah]: terrors ['eymah] are upon him. KJV-Interlinear



24 'He may flee from the iron weapon, But the bronze bow will pierce him. 25 'It is drawn forth and comes out of his back, Even the glittering point from his gall. Terrors come upon him, NASB



Even though Zophar is implying that all of these things are happening to Job, because of Jobs sinfulness, and even though Zophar is wrong in his accusations against Job, these principles, which apply to any spiritually negative person, are true.


The spiritually negative person includes all unbelievers, and all believers who generally live their life outside of the fellowship sphere, and are therefore classified as wicked.


Only when living within the fellowship sphere can you be considered as good, spiritual, positive and so forth.


Otherwise, you are evil, wicked, or unspiritual.


Spirituality is not how you look, not how you dress, not what vocabulary you use, nothing which can be considered or evaluated by people. Job is the obvious example. He neither looks, nor has a current lifestyle (in his illness) of a successful and therefore a spiritual person.


Most folks look on the outside of ones life to determine their goodness of badness. For example, bad guys obviously always have a scar or a sneer on their face. Watch any movie. And of course this is not a scientific truth. No one can look into the soul of a person to see their true nature.


Of course, we can all observe folks over a long period of time and through hearing them, we can come to a reasonable conclusion of their spiritual status. But we obviously must know the difference between the spiritual and the wicked, ourselves.


Zophar knows the principles, but he does not know how to apply them accurately.


Now, the bad guys of the world, the wicked, the spiritually negative, may live a charmed life. They may escape one crisis after another. They may get lucky, as it were, and thus believe that they are living the right life. Or they may think that they are smarter than life.




Sooner or later, that glistening arrow, that golden arrow, that one time which has their name on it, arrives in their life.


A good archer can draw an arrow out of its sheaf, load it in his bow, draw and fire in one smooth clean action. The arrow flies to its intended mark and strikes it with the sure kill. That is the intent of this passage.


When it is your time, there is nothing you can do to prevent it. So luck never applies to anything in life.


The arrow pierces the gall, or all of the bad things inside the wicked person. That is what spills out.


In the human body, the gall is the discard, the bad stuff which is filtered out of the body by the various organs inside of the body. But the negative person retains his non-spiritual gall and that is what is revealed at the moment of his death.


The glittering arrow is the justice in life. The gall is the evidence of and the accuracy, of the application of justice.


What remains in the negative person? Fear.


The indifferent, the negative, the defiance of the wicked always comes with fear and terror, because their beliefs have no basis in fact.


Humanity is a created object. All things in creation have to rely on other things. No created thing possesses self-reliance. We rely on truth. Truth comes only from God. When God is rejected, truth is also rejected.


Man cannot invent or control an alternate truth, which possesses the same power as truth. Therefore, man has no real control over his life.


Jesus Christ controls history. Jesus Christ controls life. Man depends on Christ for everything in life, including all of those 'lucky' circumstances. Only the total fool will presume that his own effort or ability has perpetuated or preserved his own life.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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