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Job 20:26



26 All darkness [choshek] shall be hid [taman] in his secret places [tsaphan]: a fire ['esh] not blown [naphach] shall consume ['akal] him; it shall go ill [yara`] with him that is left [sariyd] in his tabernacle ['ohel]. KJV-Interlinear



26 Complete darkness is held in reserve for his treasures, And unfanned fire will devour him; It will consume the survivor in his tent. NASB



The word of God teaches us all of the deadly seriousness of life. It is not a game from which you can play once and a while, to win, come in second or lose and then ignore it all to do over again on some other day.


You life is once. Your chances for getting life right is once. Your once is during your current life in this world now.


All of eternity is at stake. And in eternity there will be either phenomenal blessings, token blessings, or phenomenal horrors. Each category is separated by a virtually infinite value. In this life you can compare these three with being a multi-trillionaire, a middle class citizen, or one who has fallen into a burning fire pit. All three lasting forever. Which would you prefer?


Most would prefer the first, although probably few will achieve it, but many will probably end up with the second choice, and most will end up in the Lake of Fire, a very poor third choice. The first two existing in heaven, with the third option not in heaven.


The Bible teaches of the magnificent blessings, which God offers to everyone. Blessings, which are tantamount to sheer splendor and glory. God gives these gifts freely to anyone and everyone who will simply pursue truth in their life. Truth is Bible doctrine and all of the by-products, which come from it.


In contrast, man who is negative toward God and doctrine, pursues darkness, 'choshek.' This is an utter darkness, in which there is no light, no vision, no orientation, no frame of reference, nothing. All of the details of life, everything which you may pursue or hold near and dear to your heart, are utterly worthless.


To pursue these things only in life, rejecting or being indifferent toward God, or trying to play the substitute game with Gods truth, substituting whatever it is you believe for that which God teaches, is the life of an absolute fool.


Don't be that fool.


God offers you galaxies of mountains of gold, and unfortunately, people prefer the doggie doo-doo's of life.


The unfanned fire is a self-igniting fire, which is sustained by wrong choices in life. It is a fire from within, and not a fire of passion, but a fire of self-destruction.


People destroy themselves through their rejection of the proper function of their spiritual life.


Your tent is your very own soul. That is your life.


Note that your soul is a very phenomenal vessel. It houses your human life. Through your physical brain, your souls function is very limited in this life.


But when you move into your resurrection body, then the capacity of your soul will lose that limitation, and your abilities, etc., which have always been there, will finally sail off the charts.


If there was ever a terrible thing to waste in life, it is not the human mind, but the human soul.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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