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Job 21:1-3



1 But Job ['Iyowb] answered [`anah] and said ['amar],

2 Hear [shama`] diligently [shama`] my speech [millah], and let this be your consolations [tanchuwm].

3 Suffer [nasa'] me that I may speak [dabar]; and after ['achar] that I have spoken [dabar], mock on [la`ag]. KJV-Interlinear



1 Then Job answered, 2 'Listen carefully to my speech, And let this be your way of consolation. 3 'Bear with me that I may speak; Then after I have spoken, you may mock. NASB



Is it sufficient to see a wealthy man and determine that he is a good man, or a poor man and determine that he is bad? Is it sufficient to see a rich man lose all of his wealth, and determine that he is bad, or a poor man suddenly come into great riches and determine that he is good? Or for that matter, does any combination of riches or sufferings you can imagine, determine the nature of the person?


The answer is obviously, no.


In the case of the wicked, which is generally our subject here, God often allows them to live out their lives in prosperity, but when the end comes, they finish with phenomenal dishonor and nothing to show for their life.


In Job, he himself sees an enigma, but his friends see no mystery at all. The obvious to them, is obvious. He is a sinner to the maximum, and therefore the present circumstances of his life. But they reject truth, they reject the facts, the real facts, and only look to their observations and conclusions based on their observations and predetermined beliefs.


They themselves are the contradiction. From the very beginning, they came with confessed compassion on their mind, but in fact were coming to either ingratiate themselves with Job, a very wealthy man having a temporary run of bad luck, or to elevate themselves in the publics' eyes, over his fall. Once they arrived at his home, and upon seeing his deathly situation, being opportunists, they pursued the latter course.


Job has tried to appeal to their reason. Job has tried to match his good reputation and his present circumstances, seeking some explanation for the mystery of what is happening.


His friends rejected everything he has said, instead adding frivolous accusation upon frivolous accusation in their attempt to get him to repent.


Job now responds to Zophars last comments. 'Just listen and that is all I ask,' he says. Since they did not come with compassion in their hearts, they can at least listen and allow him to speak. And then, if they so choose, then they can continue their ridicule of him.


It matters not to him what they think anyway.


What any of us should consider in our life, is what God thinks. If we listen to people, then we will most always be led astray. The peer pressures of society are nothing more than herd conformity pressures. Wherever society goes, then the herd must follow, and that will always get you into trouble.


Unfortunately, when truth is told, people do not listen. When truth is apparent, people tend to ignore it. It is far too easy to cling to ones agenda's, beliefs, desires, wants, needs, and insecurities. That is the nature of man, and that is why trouble is always not very far off.


Job's friends will cling to their beliefs and their agenda, despite his pleas for understanding and reason.


From the outside, one would think that Job was in the poorest of positions with not much of a future to look forward to, and his friends were sitting pretty good, what with their reason and intact prosperity.


But then, God looks on the soul and not on the surface of ones life.


With man, everything is either impossible, too difficult, not reasonable, impractical, or a sure thing, or something in between. There is always a variety of opinions.


With God, nothing is impossible, nothing is too difficult. God is never limited by human circumstances. And, God does not need human resources in order to accomplish His purpose.

There is no set of circumstances common to mankind, that can prevent one from advancing in their spiritual life.


The only prevention comes from mans own invented beliefs and imagination. And thus man is the only one who limits his own opportunities.


Look around you, and if what you see is all you see, then you have placed severe limits on your own life.


The telescope is a tiny little window, which allows us to see into places that exist far beyond our normal capacity. The Bible is a window, which does the exact same thing, only our view here is far beyond this universe, into truth and reality.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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