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Job 21:27-28



27 Behold, I know [yada`] your thoughts [machashabah], and the devices [mazimmah] which ye wrongfully imagine [chamac] against me.

28 For ye say ['amar], Where is the house [bayith] of the prince [nadiyb]? and where are the dwelling [mishkan] places ['ohel] of the wicked [rasha`]? KJV-Interlinear



27 'Behold, I know your thoughts, And the plans by which you would wrong me. 28 'For you say, 'Where is the house of the nobleman, And where is the tent, the dwelling places of the wicked?' NASB



Job tells his friends outright, 'I know what you are thinking. I know your thoughts. I know your arguments.'


By implication, his friends are probably shaking their heads, rejecting everything Job is saying. So it is obvious to him, either through body language or their negative grunts, that they disagree with him.


We repeat, but repetition is a good learning tool.


Jobs friends still adhere to the idea that the wicked are sure to fall during their life, such that their fall is visible to all who are close at hand. And Jobs fall or ruin, has been extremely visible not only for his neighbors, but apparently the entire region. Therefore, Job must be a wicked man.


Job even goes so far as to make their next argument for them.


'Where is the home of the nobleman?' Meaning Job. Job even uses a little sarcasm against himself.


'Where are the homes of the wicked?' As Job continues in his comparison.


Jobs home was not just his house, but his business empire. And the homes of the wicked are the tents that they dwell in, or the feeble pattern of life which they pursue.


'Therefore, ask anyone these questions and you will get the same answer.' Or so says Job.


Job argues that his friends, though they have not come straight out and said it, they have implied through innuendo and insinuations, that Job is wicked, and that these comparisons of their points of principle and Jobs life are one and the same.


Jobs friends do not consider the facts in Jobs life. They have all of the facts, through knowing him for many decades, but their lack of spiritual wisdom, has made them extremely biased in their conclusions.


When people who lack doctrine in their soul, or when that doctrine is shallow and weak within their soul, then their loyalty to a victim of trouble is weak as well.


If the person, or victim, is a representation of truth, then their attacks are against him. They reject truth and favor their lies or accusations.


If the person, or victim, is a representation of lies, then their approach will be to defend him. In both cases the attackers, represented by Jobs friends, reject truth.


In our current day, you will see this a lot in politics. Wicked politicians will attack good points of truth, and support nearly all principles that are lies.


And Job will go further in his argument, though he does not come right out and say it, but he knows their thoughts and the basis of their prejudices. He knows that their beliefs are firmly entrenched within their souls.


So the real question here is, 'How can such beliefs be convinced otherwise? How can one change the minds of those who are so established in their ideas?'


Come face to face with a terrorist and try to change his mind about the afterlife. Didn't the priests and scribes tear their clothes when Jesus announced that He was indeed the Messiah?


People who are weak in their spiritual life, run the very real risk of becoming so entrenched in the world of lies, that they may never see their error until the moment of their death.


In their confusion, they will attack all things that are good and right, and they will support all things that are bad. Place these folks in positions of leadership, and disaster is not far behind.


And the bad thing about all of this is, that these folks will try to use principles of truth, in their arguments to support their false positions.


They become shallow, superficial, subjective, judgmental, critical, and they will blame all that is wrong in life, on their target victim.


Determining the truth of a matter, or trying to discover a solution does not interest them. It is far better for them, to convict someone than to solve a problem or accept the truth.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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