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Job 23:1-2



1 Then Job ['Iyowb] answered [`anah] and said ['amar],

2 Even to day [yowm] is my complaint [siyach] bitter [mariy]: my stroke [yad] is heavier [kabad] than my groaning ['anachah]. KJV-Interlinear



1 Then Job replied, 2 'Even today my complaint is rebellion; His hand is heavy despite my groaning. NASB



When we are in pain, then the complaint we have which originates from that pain should match the pain.


For example, if we stub our toe, the pain is sharp and immediate, but it will last only but a few minutes. There is no call to go out and burn the city down for such a small bit of suffering. Likewise when marital problems arise, the suffering, if you call it that, should be matched with an appropriate complaint. Divorce because of a slice of burnt toast is not reasonable.


You get the idea here. Pain comes and goes in our lives. It is inevitable. Problems occur at work, the kids won't clean up their room, the clothes dryer broke down, the roof leaks, the bills are mounting up, and so on and so forth. Pains in life are not always physical. There are plenty of bureaucratic, social and mental problems to go around.


So now I will re-print Jobs health problems, from our study in chapter two, which you recall came after he had lost his ten children, all killed, and lost the vast majority of his wealth, either stolen or destroyed. His mental stress state and grieving was immense already, then this happened.


These are the symptoms of Job's affliction - inflamed, ulcerous sores (Job 2:7), itching (v. 8), degenerative changes in facial skin (vv. 7,12), loss of appetite (3:24), depression (3:24-25), loss of strength (6:11), worms in the boils (7:5), running sores (7:5), difficulty in breathing (9:18), darkness under the eyes (16:16), foul breath (19:17), loss of weight (19:20; 33:21), continual pain (30:17), restlessness (30:27), blackened skin (30:30), peeling skin (30:30), and fever (30:30).


If any of us had these symptoms, I would just bet that we would be complaining too.


And here is Jobs point. If he had stubbed his toe, then he would not be complaining so much, but he has lost nearly his entire existence. He has been ill for weeks by this time, and the end doesn't seem to be anywhere near.


What would you do if you were sick for weeks on end, no health, no energy, constant pain and discomfort and so forth? You would not be a very pleasant person, either.


This is now Jobs point. His complaints are not greater than the degree of his suffering.


And though we should all try to suck it up and endure with our miseries, that is not something hat anyone should expect continually from anyone.


And even Jobs complaints are not unruly, boisterous, rude, nagging, infected with rage or criticism. Job is quite poised in all of this matter, in spite of the criticism, the unreasonable criticism which is coming from his 'friends.'


Let the punishment fit the crime. Let the complaint fit the suffering.


But, let your reaction or response in any matter, match Gods expectations from you.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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