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Job 24:16



16 In the dark [choshek] they dig through [chathar] houses [bayith], which they had marked [chatham] for themselves in the daytime [yowmam]: they know [yada`] not the light ['owr]. KJV-Interlinear



16 'In the dark they dig into houses, They shut themselves up by day; They do not know the light. NASB



Robbery, theft, burglary, is the act of taking something of someone else's, which does not belong to you, and taking it without their consent or permission. Robbery is the taking of property to make it your own, or so that you can dispose of it for other property, such as money.


Robbery is the third sin mentioned by Job in these last few verses.


The murderer takes life. He removes the life of others with little regard for them. Adultery betrays faithfulness. The adulterer cares nothing for anyone else, but cares only for self. The robber takes, and cares nothing for the rights of another to ownership and privacy, and the enjoyment of his own property.


And in every case, every person who rejects or ignores their spiritual life, is guilty of all three of these sins.


By their disregard of truth, they set examples which lead others into sins, and thus contribute to the spiritual downfall (murder, adultery, theft) of others.


By their disregard of truth, they cancel their rights to blessings, and thus in order to make it in life, they have to take that which does not belong to them.


In the Old Testament, property or real estate, was owned by its original owners. If it was ever lost due to the shenanigans of government or others, then every fifty years, in the year of Jubilee, all property was restored to its original owner.


This sets out the principle for the restoration of all original property to believers, to whom it has been originally promised. That restoration will occur at the end of human history, at the beginning of the New Universe.


In the Garden, Satan originally stole through deception, mans property. Throughout the ages, people have obtained and lost property in every way you can think of.


And as Job has stated in his argument, all sins are not going to be resolved during ones lifetime.


The robber uses the light, the truths of God, to check out his prey, and during the night, outside of truth, they will go to extreme efforts in sneaking up on their victims' home, digging through the clay walls, going inside, taking whatever it is they want to steal, and then leaving. They cannot usually set out in the public view, their newly obtained items, so they have to hide them, or sell them and otherwise conceal the true nature of their livelihood.


Robbery is a lot of work. More work than one would have to do if one worked in a legitimate occupation.


Work in this jungle environment of the earth can be difficult, but it is less effort than robbery. And, if a person pursues their spiritual life, then God absorbs a great deal of ones effort, making life just that much easier, and secure.


The spiritually negative person is no better than a murder, taking his own life and destroying the true nature of life for others.


He is an adulterer, unfaithful to his own self, to God, and to everyone else in life. When one is unfaithful to God, Christ, doctrine and their spiritual life, they lack the capacity and ability of faithfulness in every other category of relationship in life.


And he is a robber. Everything he has, he is not entitled to. Blessings of life are intended for positive believers, members of Gods family, heirs to His possessions, the bride of Christ, and so forth.


Since God owns everything, then anyone outside of His family, will not have an inheritance, and will not be entitled to anything which belongs to truth. Their destiny is the Lake of Fire.


Even among believers, the blessings of heaven will be varied. Mature believers will receive the greater portions, and those who lack in their spiritual life, will receive less.


The robbers, the murderers, the adulterers, all reject truth (light), and Job closes out this verse with the statement that they 'know not' the light. And this 'not knowing' comes by choice through indifference toward truth.


If you are indifferent, or apathetic toward your spiritual life, then you are numbered among the wicked of life. You are indifferent simply by not pursuing your spiritual life, or by pursuing something else. You may say you are interested, but your own actions or pattern of life, are the testimony either for or against you.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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