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Job 24:23



23 Though it be given [nathan] him to be in safety [betach], whereon he resteth [sha`an]; yet his eyes [`ayin] are upon their ways [derek]. KJV-Interlinear



23 'He provides them with security, and they are supported; And His eyes are on their ways. NASB



The sinners of this world owe all they are and have, to God. Just as they ignored their respective mothers, just as they regard childless women with contempt, so too people who have no interest in Gods truth, disregard God in all that He does for them.


Life is too short. Life is too busy. People have too many things they want and too many things to do in life to be bothered with such things as God, truth, or their spiritual life.


There is money to be made, a social life to pursue, entertainment to focus on. There is hustling to be had, plans to implement, goals to achieve. All of life is filled with luck, staying one step ahead of the next guy. Life is a constant barrage of barriers, prejudices, unfair practices, and consequently lots of folks to blame.


There is a world to change, animals to save, people to persuade, agendas to accomplish. Soooo many things. Soooo little time!


And yet, when it is all said and done, everyone's life will come to an end one day, and their eternity will begin. An eternity which will last trillions and trillions and gazillions of years and more, but still most folks ignore all of that infinite time and focus on their little short lifespan of perhaps a few decades on this earth.


God is gracious. He knows the ways of everyone. He knows the ways of those who ignore Him.


God knows very well that there will be some folks who, no matter what He does to convince them, they will still ignore Him.


And so God gives wicked people their space. He gives them their opportunity to have a life they perceive as fulfilling for themselves. Despite the many varied personalities of wicked people, some being extremely evil and some being just nice folks but screwed up in their thinking with regard to God, Christ, doctrine, and the spiritual life, but despite all of this, God allows them to pursue their own version of life.


One day it will all come to an end and then when eternity begins, they will soon forget their short little blink of a life that they had. But at least God did not deprive them of there every opportunity for life, nor deprive them of at least some semblance of happiness, though temporary and short when compared to eternity.


For unbelievers, this life is all they will ever have for any kind of happiness. They will suffer beyond imagination forever.


For believers who just refuse to get with their spiritual life, this is the only time God has to impose His discipline against them, in hopes of getting them straightened out. They will be in heaven, but they will lose all of their extra eternal blessings, blessings which are reserved for mature believers.


And likewise for negative believers, this life is the only time in which they will be given their freedom to screw up the world by their agenda driven crusades, by their opinion driven beliefs, by their imagination driven philosophies, by their self proclaimed honors and awards, by their designated action days. This is Blog Action Day, by the way.


And God keeps on watching all of their activities, day in and day out. And time marches on, and on, and on, and on. The dispensations, which were defined and implemented by God, continue. The next Biblically historical event to occur is the Rapture.


And by the way, I stumbled onto a list of 'End of the World' characteristics as defined by the Bible. I will try to remember to get that posted soon.


But anyway, those days will be filled with extensive knowledge and social life, as well as an extreme negative attitude toward God. Life will continue until God is ready to shift the gears of history. That could be tomorrow or a century from now. No one knows that timetable, except God of course.


The smart person will consider their own lifespan potential, and get with their spiritual growth. Soooo much depends on it.


Fools will ignore their destiny (in the next life) and invest all of their energy on fixing this world. A world which God has already scheduled on the calendar, for destruction.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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