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Job 24:25



25 And if it be not so now ['ephow], who will make [suwm] me a liar [kazab], and make [suwm] my speech [millah] nothing worth ['al]? KJV-Interlinear



25 'Now if it is not so, who can prove me a liar, And make my speech worthless?' NASB



Here, Job makes a challenge to everyone and anyone, to prove that his words are false.


Jobs friends have asserted all along that the wicked are punished in this life, that their punishment is evidence of their wickedness, that major suffering is evidence of ones wickedness, and therefore, since Job was being made to endure phenomenal suffering, he must therefore be a wicked person.


'Not so,' says Job, 'Quite the contrary.'


All kinds of people live in this world, good people and bad people. Many of them live a full and long life and go to the grave without any public indication of their spiritual status. Many a wicked person has lived a full and even a prosperous life, and they have not received, during their life, Gods judgment.


This world is made up of rules. God installed divine rules, which we call divine establishment principles, and Satan installed evil rules which we call jungle laws.


God set up life such that a person could, of their own volition and ability, live a successful temporal life, during their life. God does not coerce anyone into believing in His plan, or accepting His authority.


God does warn, however, of the repercussions of ones decisions. Life in this world is temporary. God is the ultimate power and force behind all life, and all life will continue into the eternal future only if it sheds all unrighteousness.


The existence of unrighteousness simply proves that man and angel on their own, will always, without exception, decline into evil, and evil will always end up in self-destruction.


The only way out of self-destruction and to secure happiness, is to accept and allow God to run everything.


Unfortunately, most folks ignore this idea, reject this, disagree with this idea and continue in their stubbornness, to believe that they can better determine the nature of their own life, more so than God. Ignoring the fact that they do not know everything there is to know about life. They cannot even control most of the simplest things in life, nor can anyone overcome the many human limitations of life.


Job poses these truths, that there are many folks who live indifferent lives, who live evil lives and do not apparently suffer for it during their life.


The truths are obvious, and all truths are self-evident. But there will always be people who will look truth in the face and reject it.


Bildad is going to have his one last say, and it will be a lame one at that. He will recite several unrelated proverbs and then fall silent.


People who are indifferent do not listen. They don't want to listen. And that is the way it will be at the end of human history. When all is said and done, all who are going to believe in Christ, will believe in Him, and all who are going to reject Christ, will reject Him. All who are going to advance in their spiritual life, will, an all who are not, won't. Even the presence of Jesus Christ Himself, standing right in front of any person, will not serve to change their minds.


At the Great White Throne, all unbelievers will come face to face with Christ. Their destiny is the Lake of Fire. They know it. They will still reject Christ. They will even hate Him.


This principle of defiance in the face of truth has applied throughout history. Watch the political races in this coming year. Watch those who will promise anything in order to 'buy' votes, in order to get elected at any cost. And God will allow the masses to have their chosen leadership, even if that leadership is poorly qualified, deceptive, will ultimately be detrimental, and, repeat, and, everyone knows it. Getting there way is all that matters to those who reject truth.


Job is suffering but he is not wicked. If you pursue your spiritual life and remain faithful to it, you too will one day face suffering. Why? Because this is the devils world, and the devils world was never designed to make you happy, nor fulfill your life.


As we pointed out in the 'end of days' list, if you happened to look at it, you know that there may well be a time when life will get pretty ugly for us all. People had to face extremes in the dark ages. People had to face extremes during famines. People had to face extremes during wars. People had to face extremes during economic downturns.


Your circumstances in life should not shape your attitude toward God, Christ, or your spiritual life. God has a plan. That plan claims all of the details of history that will transpire during this Church Age and beyond. Those plans include all forms of wickedness and ludicrous ideas that people will come up with during their lives.


The world will do its very best to drive you against God. 'See, God has abandoned you. See, God has turned His back on you. See, God in not interested in you. See, all of your interest in God is misguided.'


But God allows evil to boast, to brag, to cheer itself on, to award itself. Allow evil to have its very short day.


You just stick with your daily Bible study and persevere through all of the problems that you know will come along.


Because one day the voice of evil will fall silent, never to be heard from again, and your voice of victory combined with probably a trillion other voices shouting in celebration pandemonium will fill the new universe.


Yours as a mature believer, will be the last cheer, and the very best.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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