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Job 25:3



3 Is there [yesh] any number [micpar] of his armies [gaduwd]? and upon whom doth not his light ['owr] arise [quwm]? KJV-Interlinear



3 'Is there any number to His troops? And upon whom does His light not rise? NASB



Throughout the Bible the scriptures speak of the innumerable grains of sand on the shores, the innumerable stars of the heavens, all beyond counting, and yet they are a finite number. But they are so many that it is nearly impossible to count them, and most can just guess as to their numbers. Only God knows the exact count.


Man has been given authority in many areas in life. Some over their own self, and that is all. Some have authority over office workers where they work. Some have authority over departments, over companies, over multiple companies or organizations. In the military, there are commanders of dozens, over hundreds, over thousands and even over millions.


In countries throughout history, leaders have been allowed to have authority over empires.


And in every case, limits are reached, limits beyond which man fails in his leading capacity. Some quit and some become tyrants and cruel. Some are qualified for their position and many are not.


But yet, God controls everything in life, everything in existence, and even everything that has not yet come to pass.


God is organized.


His angels are here referred to as armies. Their number is beyond counting. They probably number in the many hundreds of trillions and more. And yet despite their vast number, they are well organized, they all have free will, they all can think on their own, and they all freely and completely subordinate themselves to God.


God maintains perfect order and discipline within the ranks, the numbers of which no human being can comprehend.


We cannot count the stars in the universe. Even those we can see have not been identified or mapped completely.


Man cannot superimpose his own will or ideas on those around him, and yet Gods light and power extends throughout the universe and beyond. Remember, as we studied earlier in Job, this universe is contained inside a vault. God walks about in His heaven, round about on the periphery of this universe.


We have no idea where that limit is, nor will we ever, in this life, be able to detect it.


In this chapter, Bildad is giving us a very good description of the phenomenal vastness of God, His power, His abilities and so forth. No one can possibly comprehend it all.


And still, humanity thinks pretty highly of itself. Man makes no effort to hide his opinions about life. Opinions, which are filled with imagination and short on fact. Any opinion which lacks in facts, has only the imagination to turn to. All religion is based on imagination or invention, which is the same thing.


World leader want-to-be's presume they are qualified for the task of ruling. Leaders of one, that is yourself, are also filled with opinions about self and life. And none come even close to the low level of cluelessness about life, when compared to God.


God rules, controls, maintains, and sustains the infinite, and how many folks consider Him in their life? Not many.


You, as an advancing and growing believer in Christ, are among the most unique minority in all of human history. You have a unique and personal access to the ruler of the infinite. Something that should be taken very seriously.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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