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Job 26:11



11 The pillars [`ammuwd] of heaven [shamayim] tremble [ruwph] and are astonished [tamahh] at his reproof [ga`arah]. KJV-Interlinear



11 'The pillars of heaven tremble, And are amazed at His rebuke. NASB



Job is a man. Job lives on this planet earth. Job cannot possibly see into heaven and observe its reactions to Gods will or actions. Job cannot even see God.


And yet Job describes activity on this earth which is far greater than anything we have seen in our present age.


The pillars of heaven are general references to great mountains. Mountains carried a superstitious characteristic of holding heaven up high in the sky.


If we recall that Job lived in a generation, which was not too many centuries after the flood of Noah, then given the nature of that flood in that it covered over the entire earth with water, then we can reasonably assume that the continents and mountains and such were in a state of high activity for a few centuries following the flood.


Now just a quick thought in speculation. And remember that this is simply speculation, but I will use it to teach a point below.


Researchers have found grasses and bugs and such things everywhere on the planet. From Siberia to Antarctica. That means that good weather did occur at some point all over the planet, or that all of the continents were in a place of good weather.


I suggested, long ago in Genesis, that the continents, which number seven, were one great continent prior to the flood, and that they were split up during that flood. What with all of the power of the ocean waters and such. It could very well have been that there were no great mountains during the time prior to the flood. Perhaps just great hills, and plains and valleys and such. Again this is speculation, and just a scenario for a point of doctrine later. So don't get upset and don't write me emails.


Most folks want to believe that the continents moved into their positions over a period of millions of years, and that is ok if that is what you want to believe.


But again, there may not have been a Mt. Everest, so water would not have had to rise up some 28,000+ feet in order to cover the earth if such high places did not exist.


Ok, given that presumption, then the flood occurs and a year later Noah lands on high ground.


What happened during that entire year of a flooded world? Lets presume that God used that time to break up that one continent and caused all seven pieces to drift off in their respective directions. Antarctica went south and was covered with a mile of ice and snow. Maybe that is where the Garden of Eden is, or was. The Americas drifted west. Australia drifted east. Africa, Asia, Europe and India drifted north, all colliding at their respective positions.


At such an early time after the flood, Job would have witnessed or heard stories from others, of great and catastrophic geological changes, that probably would have occurred reasonably frequently. Remember too that the early generations of people lived several hundreds of years. So folks would have seen a great deal during their long lifetimes.


The mountain ranges of today could well have developed from all of those early eruption and colliding effects.


Well, ok it is possible, and personally, I believe that it is more than a possibility. Anyway, Job describes massive reactions of the earth, which impressed him so much, that heaven itself seemed to be shaking or trembling.


All of this geological activity, if that is the right phrase, would have been sufficient to make people stand in awe at the tremendous power behind it all.


Today we see all kinds of events on the television, but with the media, with movies and such, people seem to be desensitized against such massive events. Unless you are right in the middle of one, of course.


So it takes quite a lot to impress folks these days. And with television, movie graphics and such, each succeeding generation, after our time, will likely become less and less impressed with massive disasters.


And here is the point of doctrine. In ancient times, a mountain moved and God was its cause. Today, a mountain moves and it is just a function of nature. We change the channel.


When people are impressed, then they will begin to think about the spiritual realm. As people become less and less sensitive toward world or personal activities, then it will take greater events in order to get their attention.


God has a massive plan. In that plan, are dispensations. As time moves forward, the generations will become less and less impressed with the power of God until the Rapture, and even that will be swept under the rug as some sort of media hoax. So, the Tribulation will be the final set of world events to get people to change their ways.


Most, still will not.


Your greatest risk in life is to become indifferent toward God, Christ, doctrine and your spiritual life.


Your greatest trap in life is to become distracted with things I say, things others say, sensitive toward world affairs, and desensitized toward Gods affairs.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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