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Job 27:19



19 The rich [`ashiyr] man shall lie down [shakab], but he shall not be gathered ['acaph]: he openeth [paqach] his eyes [`ayin], and he is not. KJV-Interlinear



19 'He lies down rich, but never again; He opens his eyes, and it is no more. NASB



'He' can refer to any person who has ignored their spiritual life, and is in effect a wicked person.


'Rich' more often than not refers to wealth or success that is derived from ones worldly activities. But, rich can also refer to ones contentment with life. Even a poor person who lives in the stereotype trailer park with clutter and disarray both inside and out, can sit in their yard chair holding their favorite beverage and be contented with their surroundings.


But the context in Jobs conversation points to people of financial wealth, but this concept in life can refer to almost anyone. Life in itself is of great value. So everyone alive has a possession that has potentially infinite value, but only if it is invested wisely.


We all have a set time frame to live our lives in this world. Once that time runs out, then God checks us out of this life and there is nothing we can do about that. 'Never again' is a reference to going to be with your fathers, or death in other words.


People can become comfortable in their chosen lifestyle. They can get up in the morning and go to bed at night, presuming that they will again rise on the following morning. Of course, this refers to ones last moments on this earth. You can be wide-awake during the day, become involved in some accident or have a stroke or whatever, and then close your eyes for the last time, never to open them up again. At least not in this world.


All of your wealth, all of your contented attitude, everything you give value to in life, cannot prevent your last and final moment in this life.


No amount of medical attention, no amount of medical technology, no amount of diet, or exercise, or vitamins can prevent Gods checkout time for your life.


And when you die, then what?


You awake in the next phase of your life and your wealth, your collections, your property, your things whatever they might be, are all vanished from your sight and possession.


The only thing you take with you into the next life is your soul with your human life resident within your soul and the content of your soul. And, if you are saved, then you also have your human spirit with its eternal life resident within it.


Any content in the soul, which is of non-truth characteristics (wood, hay, and stubble), is burned away at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Only Bible doctrine is retained.


If you have no doctrine, then you are naked within your soul indeed. A reflection of a lifetime of poor investment choices.


Your physical body with its biological life is rejected, discarded, and left behind to decay back to its original elements, or dust as it were.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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Receive Daily Bible Studies directly into your inbox.