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Job 28:9-11



9 He putteth forth [shalach] his hand [yad] upon the rock [challamiysh]; he overturneth [haphak] the mountains [har] by the roots [sheresh].

10 He cutteth out [baqa`] rivers [ya`or] among the rocks [tsuwr]; and his eye [`ayin] seeth [ra'ah] every precious thing [yaqar].

11 He bindeth [chabash] the floods [nahar] from overflowing [Bakiy]; and the thing that is hid [ta`alummah] bringeth he forth [yatsa'] to light ['owr]. KJV-Interlinear



9 'He puts his hand on the flint; He overturns the mountains at the base. 10 'He hews out channels through the rocks; And his eye sees anything precious. 11 'He dams up the streams from flowing; And what is hidden he brings out to the light. NASB



You should realize that all of these activities in which humanity is engaged, are legitimate activities. There is nothing wrong with hunting for gold, harvesting the resources of the world, innovating in technology, manufacturing things, changing diapers, having a social life, doing whatever it is that you do in life.


The error comes in the setting of priorities, making Bible study and the advancement in ones spiritual life, secondary to any activity in this world.


There are two pursuits in existence - ones spiritual life and ones temporal life.


Since the life of anyone extends into the next life, then preparing for that longer next life should be our chief concern.


God gave humanity innumerable resources on this planet in order to have educations, jobs, economies, entertainment and so forth, even a spiritual life.


God set out all of the worlds resources in layers both geologically and chronologically, such that man would have access to resources throughout history and not in just one or two generations. Even mans discovery and invention is layered in history.


The ancients have demonstrated knowledge in many advanced scientific areas, yet most discoveries and advancements in knowledge did not happen until this past century. Man has been here for some six-thousand years. So for less than two percent of mans history, has technology and scientific knowledge exploded.


But despite that small percentage, man has demonstrated the same tendencies that were demonstrated way back then and throughout history.


Job states that mining was an advanced enterprise. Man chiseled through the hardest of rock, (flint). Man had to deal with phenomenal problems in mining, (water). All mines were not abandoned when the underground waters flooded the mines. Man overcame those obstacles by either sealing off or channeling away, the water flows that would otherwise shut down and mine. And back then, they did it without the aid of our modern pumps.


They figured out how to seal off water, or how to sink another lower shaft to capture the water so that the area where they were working would remain dry.


Man went to great efforts and to extreme dangers in order to discover and bring to the surface (into the light), the treasures which the earth possessed. Be it coal or diamonds, made no difference. Man has sought after the earths resources since the beginning.


God provided sufficient resources on this planet, to sustain humanity for its continued existence. Revelation describes the difficulties which man will have during the Tribulation, demonstrating mans inability to sustain himself. But then, when Christ returns, He will sustain an even larger population of people for a thousand years, before the Millennium comes to an end.


So there will never really be a shortage or resources. There will never really be a global climate change which will end human history. There will never really be a time when solutions are not available for all of mans problems.


The real and biggest question is, 'What does man think of Christ?' And then that question is followed by the second biggest question, which applies to believers only, 'What do you think of doctrine?'


Jesus Christ controls history.


Bible doctrine is the written 'Christ.'


With doctrine in your soul, then Christ controls your life, which makes success for your life, guaranteed.


Without doctrine, you control your own life. That means that failure in your life is certain despite any and all obstacles you might overcome in your life. We are always hearing or reading of people who overcome great difficulties in their life. But without doctrine in their soul, those achievements are meaningless.


History is full of examples of mans great achievements, but what still remains is his incompetence in controlling anything. You will be no different unless you get with a genuine spiritual growth program and decide to become obedient to all of Gods mandates for your life, not just the things you decide to accept, or invent for yourself.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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