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Job 29:7-10



7 When I went out [yatsa'] to the gate [sha`ar] through the city [qereth], when I prepared [kuwn] my seat [mowshab] in the street [rachob]!

8 The young men [na`ar] saw [ra'ah] me, and hid [chaba'] themselves: and the aged [yashiysh] arose [quwm], and stood up [`amad].

9 The princes [sar] refrained [`atsar] talking [millah], and laid [suwm] their hand [kaph] on their mouth [peh].

10 The nobles [nagiyd] held [chaba'] their peace [qowl], and their tongue [lashown] cleaved [dabaq] to the roof of their mouth [chek]. KJV-Interlinear



7 'When I went out to the gate of the city, When I took my seat in the square; 8 The young men saw me and hid themselves, And the old men arose and stood. 9 'The princes stopped talking, And put their hands on their mouths; 10 The voice of the nobles was hushed, And their tongue stuck to their palate. NASB



Some people who have talent, success, or wealth of any kind, presume themselves as being wise because of their prosperity. Most actually lack wisdom, not really understanding the true reasons for their successes in life.


People in general will pay attention to the wealthy or the talented, not because they are wise, but because of their prosperous affluence. Most will chase after a piece of their success, clinging to their coattails in the off chance that their success will rub off.


Job, on the other hand, was successful obviously, but Job was also articulate and he possessed true wisdom.


When Job spoke, everyone stopped to listen. Those who were beneath him socially, those who were equal to him socially, those who were above him socially, all classes in wealth, in politics, in any category you could think of, all listen intently to Jobs words.


Job possessed a post of honor and power, not necessarily due to his wealth, but because of his wisdom.


Job did not live a life of an introverted or greedy recluse.


Job did not pursue a life of pomp, seeking the adoration of the public. Job did not have an ego that drove his life.


Profound respect, not brown nosing, was given him because of the dignity of his positions, for the integrity of his judgments, for his prudence and thoroughness and good management.


Jobs judgment was so sound, his decisions so recognized, and his reasoning power so thorough, that every person held him in the utmost of admiration.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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