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Job 29:24-25



24 If I laughed [sachaq] on them, they believed ['aman] it not; and the light ['owr] of my countenance [paniym] they cast not down [naphal].

25 I chose [bachar] out their way [derek], and sat [yashab] chief [ro'sh], and dwelt [shakan] as a king [melek] in the army [gaduwd], as one that comforteth [nacham] the mourners ['abel]. KJV-Interlinear



24 'I smiled on them when they did not believe, And the light of my face they did not cast down. 25 'I chose a way for them and sat as chief, And dwelt as a king among the troops, As one who comforted the mourners. NASB



Whenever you have a conversation with many people, you will never gain total agreement with everyone. There will always be those who disagree with you. This is obvious with Jobs three friends.


But Job never let disagreement get him down. Job was confident in his position and thinking whatever the subject. He would gather the facts of a matter, make his interpretations, and then offer his suggestions.


People were free to accept his counsel, or not accept it.


And, even though he was held in high esteem by society at large, as it were, sitting as a king or a general surrounded by his staff, helpers, researchers, and so forth, Job never tried to enforce his views, forcibly onto anyone.


His smiling here is a reference to not taking offense at any opposition. Job was confident in his views, and when opposing views were suggested, especially those, which he knew were ludicrous, he still did not condescend to offering insults or ridicule toward anyone.


Those with whom Job disagreed received polite respect, and Job received from one and all, in return, respect in kind.


Not to say that there were not unscrupulous elements within society, because there were. Job was raided by thieves who stole his property and murdered his employees. But those raids were not specifically directed at Job but were a part of roving gangs of thugs who happened upon his vast wealth.


If you are extremely wealthy, then the wealth will attract the attention of thieves sooner or later. They do not have to know the owner in order to plot their deeds.


So, this chapter rounds out the description of Jobs life, prior to his losses. He was wealthy, successful, and respected by everyone who was acquainted with him.


But as we said, this was before his losses. People are fickle and superficial. When you are doing well, friends come out of the woodwork. When you are on hard times, then finding a friend is more difficult than your chances of winning the lottery.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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