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Job 30:12-13



12 Upon my right [yamiyn] hand rise [quwm] the youth [pirchach]; they push away [shalach] my feet [regel], and they raise up [calal] against me the ways ['orach] of their destruction ['eyd].

13 They mar [nathac] my path [nathiyb], they set forward [ya`al] my calamity [havvah] [hayah], they have no helper [`azar]. KJV-Interlinear



12 'On the right hand their brood arises; They thrust aside my feet and build up against me their ways of destruction. 13 'They break up my path, They profit from my destruction, No one restrains them. NASB



The right hand is the position of the higher authority. When two people are walking down the street, if one is a general and the other a soldier of lesser rank, the general walks on the right. The soldier walks on the left.


The right hand is the position of respect, higher rank, and authority. The elder or ranking person always occupies the right hand seat.


Job occupied the right hand chair even among the elders of his day. They voluntarily yielded their rightful position to him, because of Jobs wisdom.


The word for youth, 'pirchach,' means sprout, germinate, blossom, calamity. And so this is the nature of the rabble who rises up with destructive intent.


And now we have a rabble of folk who are entitled to nothing, have earned nothing, and are due nothing, but presume to themselves that the world owes them everything.


Anyone who rejects truth, will sooner or later presume that they are better than they really are. Gossips, maligners, judgers, celebrities, politicians, socialites and so forth, all have a tendency to think highly of themselves, and of their own opinions.


And this is how Job was treated, even during the very short period of his illness. People turned on him quickly. They rushed to turn on him. They rushed as in an army laying an aggressive siege to a city, battering walls, tearing down gates, rushing to hurry the destruction of the city.


They assume positions of authority, of which they are not entitled. They aggressively attempt to squash everything that Job attempts to do. They push aside his feet, trying to prevent his recovery, but increase and hurry his destruction.


The mock, they ridicule, they gossip and malign. They steal and take advantage.


Like a pack of wild animals that have their prey in their jaws, they show no mercy, but rush in a frenzy to tear their victim into pieces. Only this rabble of people attack not for food or profit, but simply because the situation presents its self. They gain nothing from their aggression. But they perceive a satisfaction within their ego, at the loss or suffering of others.


Who is there to restrain them? No one. They do not respect the privacy of others. They do not respect the wishes of others. They do not respect the authority, any legitimate authority. They feel no empathy toward others. They are opportunists and take advantage to themselves even over the hardship that others are suffering.


They do not help others in need, but attempt to take from them, anything of value. Even if it is only their own selfish desire to see others suffer.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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