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Job 30:14-15



14 They came ['athah] upon me as a wide [rachab] breaking [perets] in of waters: in [tachath] the desolation [show'] they rolled [galal] themselves upon me.

15 Terrors [ballahah] are turned [haphak] upon me: they pursue [radaph] my soul [nadiybah] as the wind [ruwach]: and my welfare [yashuw`ah] passeth away [`abar] as a cloud [`ab]. KJV-Interlinear



14 'As through a wide breach they come, Amid the tempest they roll on. 15 'Terrors are turned against me, They pursue my honor as the wind, And my prosperity has passed away like a cloud. NASB



In reading Job, you have to remember that Job is a type. A type is a representation of a principle. And, in this case, Job is a representation of the principle of truth.


Truth comes from God.


In opposition, there is an anti-type, or the lies of the world. The rabble and now the terrors being referred to in these verses, are representations of the lies of the world, or a set of beliefs, attitudes, opinions and so forth, that lack truth within them.


Job continues his example of a city under siege. Job is the city, helpless, surrounded, and powerless in almost every respect. In suffering Job is like a city under siege and on the verge of falling to and oppressive and wicked enemy.


And so when a city's walls are battered and battered, sooner or later a breach opens up in the wall. Through it pours the enemy in a tumultuous stream, bent on destroying everything in their path and they care nothing for anything with which they come into contact. Kill and destroy, and take is all that is on their mind. So fires are lit, men are killed and the women are taken.


The enemy is the world. Job is the city under attack. Job represents anyone who believes in the Savior, and who pursues their spiritual life.


The world attempts to bring terrors upon its victims. And that simply means that when you believe in Christ, and are advancing in your spiritual life, then you will have an automatic enemy - the world. The world hates Christ and truth, and therefore anyone that associates with truth.


The world is not a thinking person, but a planet of rock and water, but this term is a reference to the thought patterns of the people who reject truth.


And so you will face politics, advertising, government, rules, regulations, celebrities, and such who will unleash a furious and relentless media blitz or bureaucracy, of everything on every subject you can imagine. Not to mention those who happen to cross your path and try to destroy you through legal means, social gossip and so forth.


They will pursue your integrity and honor. And since all of us have problems of one type or another in our life, then finding a past problem to exploit is not too difficult for the world. Even little problems can be blown out of proportion by those who hate and are determined to destroy.


They are not interested in truth, but in your demise. Recall the description of Jobs life, which is near perfect, and yet it seems very easy for folks to turn their back on him. How much easier it will be for the world to turn its back on you. Wasn't Jesus found in this same predicament?


Just as the wind cannot be monitored, its source cannot be determined, its content cannot be identified, so too, the attacks on Job and anyone who pursues their spiritual life, will discover that the attacks against them will be innumerable and seemingly coming from everywhere.


Against the world, there is no defense except one.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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