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Job 30:30



30 My skin [`owr] is black [shachar] upon me, and my bones [`etsem] are burned [charar] with heat [choreb]. KJV-Interlinear



30 'My skin turns black on me, And my bones burn with fever. NASB



From the external skin to Jobs inside bones, the disease has taken its toll and has been thoroughly attempting to destroy him physically.


The skin is turning black and pealing away as with leprosy. The bones are often used to express the ultimate pain. When your bones ache, then you are really hurting.


Here Job describes his physical condition. He has been describing it all along and he is actually experiencing these symptoms, pains and so forth. Job is not telling a story filled with expressions, but he is actually living the horrors of this suffering.


The horrors of a life filled with a fatal disease, are real but temporary. The horrors of living a life without God, are just as real, even though they are often far less discreet, but they are permanent. So a life without God is far worse than anything you can imagine.


Being unsaved is the worst of the worst, but being saved and having no spiritual production to show for it means phenomenal loss as well.


Of course, we should note that this disease affects the physical only. Jobs soul, which is filed with doctrine and a spiritual life which Job has pursued throughout his life, is not affected. The world cannot touch the spiritually positive persons' soul. And the soul is the real you, by the way. Your physical body is a temporary vessel, which houses your human soul and human spirit, in this world. In the next life, you will have a much better resurrection body


While in this world, the world and the carnal nature of the world will continue to prey on what it perceives as your vital being. Remember that the 'world' is an expression for all things that are not from God. Everything from Satan or everything following the pattern of evil, in other words.


And, while the Bible gives us all of these warnings, primarily because people just do not listen to them, there is the better side of life out there just waiting for you to get you act together.


So, warning after warning, expression after expression, example after example are sent out from the scriptures. Why? Because the penalty for spiritual failure is horrendous and because the prize of spiritual success is beyond anything you can imagine.


You can spend your life ignoring the principles of truth, chasing political candidates, chasing issues of the world, chasing your weekend social activities, sleeping, or whatever and you will end up extremely disappointed when your life ends. Or, you can pursue your spiritual life, now, and end up wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.


There are three fundamental classes of people. There are the poor and they have nothing. There are the rich and they have a lot. But then there are the wealthy, and they have mind boggling resources. Even the rich are poor when compared to the wealthy.


Far, far better to live in the last category, than either of the first two.


These are the differences between a life without God and a life of spiritual maturity.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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