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Job 31:2



2 For what portion [cheleq] of God ['elowahh] is there from above [ma`al]? and what inheritance [nachalah] of the Almighty [Shadday] from on high [marowm]? KJV-Interlinear



2 'And what is the portion of God from above Or the heritage of the Almighty from on high? NASB



What is it that we can expect from life? What is it that we can get out of life?


In this universe, there are only two opinions. The first is that from God, which is truth. Truth is a very broad subject. It is not limited to only the words contained within the Bible. It includes everything which God has invented, designed, created and so forth. That includes the many laws of science, economics, social structures, establishment principles, spiritual rules and so forth.


The second opinion is everything else. Everything that Satan has invented as well as everything that man has invented based on his observations or imaginations, which takes truth (the content of the universe) and makes false interpretations or conclusions.


When facts are observed, and false conclusions are derived, then a lie is the result. Then ones views and understanding are based on lies. Lies lead a person nowhere.


So what can one expect, from the worlds viewpoint, a viewpoint which is based on the exclusion of God, and therefore based on lies? Nothing.


And yet people will wallow their life away, in their self indulgent, self-designed ego, selfish attitude, all of which are formed because they reject truth.


Far too many people will look to anything that will allow them to escape truth. Truth is just too difficult to bear. They will pursue self pity, alcohol, drugs, eating excessively or habitually, being opinionated, and they do these things because they gain some form of immediate satisfaction, but still they embrace the idea of failure in their life.


Victims worship at the alter of the 'poor me' or 'I know it all' attention. They pursue pity or approbation because it makes them somebody, or at least gets them attention and that satisfies their ego to a degree.


Job is in a position of tremendous and real suffering, and yet he knows that pursuit of the worlds opinions will not gain him anything.


What inheritance, what reward, what benefit is there?


God is the source of everything good. God is truth. Good comes out of truth. Legitimate reward, benefit, inheritance are all good. Therefore, they can only come out of truth, which is, and which is from, God.


The content of truth in ones soul is nothing more than a thinking process. Then once you know truth, applying it to ones life comes easy.


And yet people pursue the difficult things in life. Too hard to read the Bible. Too hard to study for a few minutes a day. Too hard to learn some scriptural topics.


Too easy to ignore it all and therefore open ones mind up to the opinions of the world. All of which are lies.


Too easy to be the victim. Too easy to define your own way through life as long as all is going well for you. Then life happens and the pressures overwhelm you and you quit. And then who gets blamed? Not yourself!


No, the fool blames everyone, argues with everyone, has tantrums in public (an attention getter), cares nothing for what impressions he makes on others. The fool will go to great lengths to embrace his thought processes and blame all for his failures.


And again, what inheritance, what reward, what benefit is there?


Too easy to ignore doctrine simply because all you have to do is pay no attention to it.


Too difficult to read and study and learn doctrine, because you have to actually think and learn and exercise self control and poise.


And what fun is there in that? What attention is there in that. To think that a person has to endure humility and respect for authority, and responsibility and such.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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