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Job 32:14



14 Now he hath not directed [`arak] his words [millah] against me: neither will I answer [shuwb] him with your speeches ['emer]. KJV-Interlinear



14 'For he has not arranged his words against me; Nor will I reply to him with your arguments. NASB



Elihu states that this discussion has escalated into a controversy of words between the three friends and Job.


Job has taken the position that he is not the wicked person he has been made out to be. The three friends have taken disaster, the disaster of Jobs life, and have made it into some kind of controversy demanding an admission of guilt from Job before his problem will go away.


The friends have gone so far as to make accusations of culpability, fault, and guilt against Job, combined with their emotional retaliation against his personal defenses.


Elihu is now going to assume a role of an impartial and unbiased bystander. And here he states just that.


He has listened in silence as the friends have attacked Job and as Job has defended himself. Jobs words were not directed at Elihu, and likewise Elihu is not going to try to pick apart Jobs words.


Furthermore, the friends came out swinging with unfounded accusations and unproven society accepted principles. At least in their opinions. And Elihu states that he is not going to take up there arguments due to their weakness and inaccuracies.


Elihu's intent is to function as an impartial intermediary or a mediator between the two parties. But in his speech he will try to show both parties in error and that God is the only party who will be proven right in the matter. And God has not spoken yet, but Elihu is going to attempt to give a divine view from his impartial position.


So, Job and his three friends have sat down and argued and neither have come out the winner, from each of their own perspectives. Although, the friends gave up in their argument, they gave up while shaking their heads to what they perceived as Jobs stubbornness.


Job stood fast in his position of relative righteousness. That is, being as best a person can be in Gods sight, given the difficulties of the world.


Elihu will make his case over the course of the next several chapters, while Job will be polite and allow him, Elihu the youngster, to speak. Job will not respond to Elihu, despite the accusations Elihu will make, but this will only indicate Jobs courtesy in allowing Elihu to speak.


God will not make any comments directly to Elihu, indicating His courtesy in allowing the voice of innocent immaturity to speak its mind.


But as far as you and I are concerned, Elihu will still be able to teach us a great deal of doctrine.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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