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Job 33:23-24



23 If there [yesh] be a messenger [mal'ak] with him, an interpreter [luwts], one ['echad] among a thousand ['eleph], to shew [nagad] unto man ['adam] his uprightness [yosher]:

24 Then he is gracious [chanan] unto him, and saith ['amar], Deliver [pada`] him from going down [yarad] to the pit [shachath]: I have found [matsa'] a ransom [kopher]. KJV-Interlinear



23 'If there is an angel as mediator for him, One out of a thousand, To remind a man what is right for him, 24 Then let him be gracious to him, and say, 'Deliver him from going down to the pit, I have found a ransom'; NASB



If there is someone suffering a great hardship?


And if there is someone who might be able to mediate between that one suffering, and God? Someone, a messenger, who might turn out to be the one blessing in a thousand (today we would say one in a gazillion, because such a person is a rare find, therefore extremely, extremely valuable).


That someone who is able to show, to that suffering person, the reasons behind their sufferings, the way out of their sufferings, and therefore save the suffering person from a destiny of ultimate doom and disaster.


Then, if that suffering person responds in a positive fashion to Gods message, then God Himself will respond in kind with relief for that suffering person. And Why? Because God already has a ransom for that person.


Someone who has already stepped forward to pay the price of suffering in behalf of the suffering person.


And here Elihu adds to what Job has already referred to as his mediator, his redeemer, his advocate to God the Father. His advocate, redeemer, mediator who himself too is God and man. Now Elihu describes this intermediary as the one who is the messenger (an equal with God and man), relaying the message from God to man, and who has provided a ransom, paying the price demanded for suffering.


Therefore, since life in this world is one of suffering, regardless of your circumstances, since we all face a destiny of doom and gloom if we do not discover a way out of it. Then by discovering or recognizing Gods Savior, Gods messenger, sent into this world for the very purpose of purchasing our worthless lives out of the bondage of sin and death, then we will be the recipients of delivery from our condition of suffering.


The question is posed as if it were true, and the rhetorical aspect of it is that it is true, then anyone who finds themselves in a difficult predicament, need only respond to Gods message and thereby all of their difficulties will be removed.


This is a long-term solution. This does not mean that your problems will instantly go away, but what it does mean is that you now have the opportunity to see and understand why suffering exists in this world.


This is the devils world. Jesus Christ had to go to the Cross and suffer in order for you to be relieved from your suffering. Your suffering is, in a fashion, symbolic of your identification with Christ in His suffering.


To feel the pains and pressures, and anxieties, even the hopelessness's of life, then you should be able to better appreciate that which has been done for you by Christ, that one in a gazillion, who through all of the angels, through all of the children of Adam, through all things that have and do and will exist, no other messenger can be found.


Elihu understood this. Job understood this. The question now is, 'Do you really comprehend it?' And then, 'What will you do about it?'


When will your spiritual life (your one in a gazillion possessions) become more important to you than all of the other things you embrace in this world?

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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