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Job 34:17



17 Shall even he that hateth [sane'] right [mishpat] govern [chabash]? and wilt thou condemn [rasha`] him that is most [kabbiyr] just [tsaddiyq]? KJV-Interlinear



17 'Shall one who hates justice rule? And will you condemn a righteous mighty one, NASB



There are only two opinions in this universe - Gods and everything else. Gods opinion is truth. Truth is accompanied by rules.


Gods rules and mandates are not difficult to follow, but nonetheless they are rules for righteousness (sinlessness), and justice (a cleansing or washing away of all taints, flaws, blemishes, etc., or a correction of all of these flaws back to a state of sinlessness).


Rejection of Gods opinion makes one a subscriber of any or all of the other opinions. Opinions, which are not truth, are lies.


Rejection comes in many forms, from indifference, to antagonism, to outright hate, to the many forms of asceticism or lasciviousness. Rejection includes all forms of compromise of truth, to any attempt to modify, qualify, or otherwise incorporate bits and pieces of truth within ones beliefs. Beliefs, which are 'more' convenient to ones way of thinking.


Now, shall one who rejects truth, shall one who rejects rules, shall one who rejects the reasoning and status of Gods opinion, also lead and impose rules or guidelines on others?


The answer to this rhetorical question is, 'no.' And that just about disqualifies every world leader or leader want-to-be from holding any and every office that exists. It disqualifies every human being, period.


Anyone who does not live by rules cannot rule by rules, any rules. Gods rules, which are located in the Bible and discovered through a consistent daily study, are the only rules that are legitimate. Anything else is false.


Conversely, if anyone lives by Gods rules, then will God condemn them for being obedient to His Word?


Again this question requires the obvious answer, 'no.'


God is faithful to those who are faithful. Those who are faithful are those who live by truth. Truth is not arbitrary. Truth is not something you can make up on the fly. Truth is not something that happens to be popular simply because of its popularity.


Truth is not anything which is imagined, defined, or designed by mankind. Re-read that last line!!


The nature of evil is to elbow truth out of the way, and seize control of the rule of this planet from government levels all the way down to social and even personal thinking levels.


One day God will put an end to the will of all non-truth, and then human history will be over and eternity will begin. We just have to tolerate it all for a little while during our respective lives'.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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