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Job 34:34-37



34 Let men ['enowsh] of understanding [lebab] tell ['amar] me, and let a wise [chakam] man [geber] hearken [shama`] unto me.

35 Job ['Iyowb] hath spoken [dabar] without knowledge [da`ath], and his words [dabar] were without wisdom [sakal].

36 My desire ['abeh] ['ab] is that Job ['Iyowb] may be tried [bachan] unto the end [netsach] because of his answers [tashuwbah] for wicked ['aven] men ['enowsh].

37 For he addeth [yacaph] rebellion [pesha`] unto his sin [chatta'ah], he clappeth [caphaq] his hands among us, and multiplieth [rabah] his words ['emer] against God ['el]. KJV-Interlinear



34 'Men of understanding will say to me, And a wise man who hears me, 35 'Job speaks without knowledge, And his words are without wisdom. 36 'Job ought to be tried to the limit, Because he answers like wicked men. 37 'For he adds rebellion to his sin; He claps his hands among us, And multiplies his words against God.'' NASB



And so, based on all that has been said in this chapter, based on all of the general truths which Elihu has listed in his comments, then Elihu calls for learned men, men of wisdom, men of understanding, to condemn Job.


And why is Job being condemned?


Not based on any facts. Not based on any evidence. Not even based on objective observations of Job's previous life. But based on his current situation, combined with certain general truths, leading one to a conclusion that Job 'must' be guilty. At least guilty of something. Leading to the conclusion that mans opinions must be right, at least there doesn't seem to be any other viable explanation.


And when some semblance of spiritual knowledge is combined with a defective spiritual life, then the conclusions, the observations, the opinions come out of the woodwork.


Witches are discovered, heretics are identified, wrongs are converted into rights, fundamental truths are tossed out, anti-truth principles are celebrated, and false ideas become the belief standards for life.


This has been the state of the world since ancient times, and it remains the state of the world even in our current times.


Waiting for a change in life? Times do not change that much.


Watch any television news show, listen to any radio broadcast, read any printed article which covers world events, world politics, any topic which is consistently raised by the media.


The names and the dates change, and even the controversies change from era to era. But, the fundamental truths continue to be disregarded and the fundamental flaws in social observation continue to press human opinions. Nothing really, has changed, and nothing really, ever will change. Just the differences in opinion continue on indefinitely.


And, since the opinions in this world are all flawed (not being consistent with those of God), then all repercussions will have varying results. None of which will ever be perfect.


Were it not for the control over history, which Christ maintains, humanity would not have lasted even to the flood of Noah.


Humanity barely got out of the Garden with fig leaves (human observation and effort), no less. And God had to replace them with clothes of animal skins (Gods work of salvation and the spiritual life). You'll note the significance of the two clothing patterns.


But, despite all of the truth which saturates the world, men of 'wisdom' as they see themselves, miss the point of life, simply because they are so caught up in their own opinions, their own observations.


And as a result, the masses of people who do not have much say, in the direction which this world takes, bear the brunt of the suffering which comes to the world as a result of the misdirected human wisdom.


But then you cannot blame only the leadership, because the vast majority of the masses of people of this world actually subscribe to their views.


So, since the majority desires the prosecution of Job by God. Job who is the only righteous example present in this discussion, but is to be tried for the accusations of conspiracy with wickedness, then it is only fitting that anyone who associates with wickedness come under indictment and prosecution.


And that is exactly what God does. Only it is the accusers who will be tried, not Job, not those whom the world tries to crush because they are the legitimate pursuers of truth.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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