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Job 38:8-11



8 Or who shut up [cakak] the sea [yam] with doors [deleth], when it brake forth [giyach], as if it had issued out [yatsa'] of the womb [rechem]?

9 When I made [suwm] the cloud [`anan] the garment [labuwsh] thereof, and thick darkness [`araphel] a swaddlingband [chathullah] for it,

10 And brake up [shabar] for it my decreed [choq] place, and set [suwm] bars [bariyach] and doors [deleth],

11 And said ['amar], Hitherto [`ad] [poh] shalt thou come [bow'], but no further [yacaph]: and here shall thy proud [ga'own] waves [gal] be stayed [shiyth]? KJV-Interlinear



8 'Or who enclosed the sea with doors, When, bursting forth, it went out from the womb; 9 When I made a cloud its garment, And thick darkness its swaddling band, 10 And I placed boundaries on it, And I set a bolt and doors, 11 And I said, 'Thus far you shall come, but no farther; And here shall your proud waves stop'? NASB



In the original creation, the universe came into existence in an instant. Then came the destruction of the earth, at some point after the fall of Lucifer (Satan). And at that time and earth (planet earth) was said to be 'null and void.' It was a dark and lifeless planet.


Then came the six-day restoration period of the earth. On the second and third day, the waters were separated from the atmosphere and assigned into their places in the oceans respectively.


So, God goes from the initial creation, to the restoration period, and in either case, man was not present to witness it, and certainly not there to advise on Gods plan or progress.


In some sort of great tumultuous event, the waters of liquid and the waters of earths atmosphere were separated. The air that we now call our sky or atmosphere, became the thick blanket or cloud like cover, which seals in the waters onto the planet. Like a newborn baby that is wrapped up in its blanket, so the earth was wrapped up in the atmosphere.


God raised up barriers some of which we can identify as the continents, because they are obvious, but God also created the weather systems, the under sea conveyors, gravity, the poles and so forth, and probably many more controls of which we have yet to discover. These things, the obvious and the not so obvious, bring controls and regulation on the atmosphere and the seas of the earth.


Again, all of these things came by means of a predefined design and plan. Nothing happened out of chance or accident. Nothing in life occurs by chance or accident.


But similarly, the seas and their tumultuous nature, is also used as an illustration of human history. Man tries as he may, to define his own destiny, apart from that which God has decreed. But like the seas and the planet in general, man has limitations placed on him too.


We may learn a great deal about our physical universe, but we have our limitations beyond which we will ever be able to go. The first limit is our life span. Man will never discover eternal life on his own. The second limitation is our sin nature. Man will never be able to discard it from his makeup. The third limitation, is more undefined, but it would appear that man will not be able to move permanently from this planet to set up residence somewhere else in he universe.


Much as we will try to express mans imagination in the movies and such, the problems that present themselves will be insurmountable thus preventing mass emigrations off of our planet. Certainly we will go to the moon and probably to a planet or two, but living there in large populations, I personally don't think will ever happen.


To accomplish that, man would need several more centuries of history and I do not believe that we will have that time.


Do not forget the principles of dispensations and mans inherent nature toward sin and self-destruction. Not to mention that there seem to be many indicators of huge problems for humanity in the next few decades. With oil shortages, and population increases, more intense earthquake activity, and such things, all seem to b pointing to bigger problems in our near future.


The most disturbing feature of our contemporary life is not in earthly activities, but in human failure in spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Never before in history have people become so apathetic, so distracted by technology, so superficial in their evaluations of life (the current political election is the best example of this). With mans spiritual state spiraling downward, that means that mans trouble will be on the rise.


No one can know the exact future. We can only attempt to read the characteristics of our contemporary life, and then guess.


But God has a plan. He had a specific plan for creation, for restoration, for dispensations, and for each of our individual lives. Nothing happens by accident.


We were not there prior to the creation of human beings, and most of us do not seem to be here even now, when we are here!!! Don't pull a brain muscle while pondering that one.


God controls the oceans and history. We control neither.

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Daily Bible Study
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