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Job 40:1-2



1 Moreover the LORD [Yahovah] answered [`anah] Job ['Iyowb], and said ['amar],

2 Shall he that contendeth [riyb] with the Almighty [Shadday] instruct [yiccowr] him? he that reproveth [yakach] God ['elowahh], let him answer [`anah] it. KJV-Interlinear



1 Then the Lord said to Job, 2 'Will the faultfinder contend with the Almighty? Let him who reproves God answer it.' NASB



With the attack against Job, initiated by Satan, with the arguments of accusation offered by Jobs friends, with Jobs' defending himself seeing as he could not find any fault within himself, or reason for his current predicament, God finally answers with an unusual series of seemingly irrelevant questions.


'Can you teach Me about these various animals?'


What does one set of circumstances (Job's) have to do with the other (Gods questions)?


And that brings the study around to each one of us. Who among us have raised issues with God?


Why this? Why that? Why me? Why now? Why not someone or something else?


And so man continues along his usual path of asking questions or presuming answers, about the many things that are far more complex than simple animal questions. And yet none of us can answer the most fundamental questions about our everyday life. Probably because we tend to look at life not through Gods eyes, but through our own preferences.


That is why I posed the question in the earlier study regarding the rising energy costs, how they affect us all, and the possibility that this situation will not end anytime soon. And this is simply because humanity has positioned himself in a pit of unbending beliefs, disregarding the obvious solution (crude oil), and putting his trust in wishful solutions (alternative energy). And the result of all of this? Higher costs and more difficulties for us all.


Now, no political statements are being raised here, just observations of how society is operating. Consider some things just briefly. The world is a wash with crude oil. God created the oil for our use. Oil is the most resourceful and efficient fuel that we have today, and if produced in quantity, is the most economic energy source.


All other alternate energy resources are expensive, undeveloped, and have to be subsidized by government, and they still are not competitive in price, with oil. That is, if oil production were not restricted.


The argument against oil? Global warming.


And the argument for global warming prevention is to reduce carbon footprints. And the argument for reducing carbon footprints is to place caps on business production. And that will lead to reduced economics, reduced opportunities, reduced prosperity. And that will raise the burdens of living on each one of us, raising unemployment, poverty, and ultimately dependence on government by the masses. Once in this economic hole, getting out will be next to impossible. Unless leadership is replaced by wise leaders and not liberal fools or conservative fools. That replacement option seems to be not in our near future, what with the candidates we have before us these days.


So, the long haul of hardship just may be in our future.


So, again, the questions asked by God of Job, and through Job, asked of each one of us, 'Do you know?' 'Can you teach?' 'If so, answer or forever hold your tongue.'


And the whole point of all of this is this. Man more often looks at life through his own eyes, which simply means, we look at life in the way we want to see life and not how it really is.


If we were to look at life through Gods eyes, then we might not experience as many disappointments and frustrations in life, as we do.


Remember, that we are currently living in the Church Age, the longest running dispensation of them all. We have been given many clues as to when our dispensation will be nearing its end. And though we cannot know the exact date, we can probably begin to narrow our dispensations end, down to a generation or two.


We also know that the end of our dispensation marks the beginning of the absolute worst period (the Tribulation), in all of human history. That more than likely means that the circumstances of the end of our dispensation will likely be bad. Over population, increased storms, increased earthquakes, increased troubles of all kinds. And we know that trouble comes to humanity for one reason only, because of mans spiritual deficiency.


Spiritual deficiency means poor leadership, poor decisions, poor interpretations of life.


So, we study Job and we look around and we begin to see similarities in life. And we begin to see Gods point of view, and we begin to set our own point of view aside.


And again, if you can teach the Almighty, then teach. Otherwise, be silent and listen and learn.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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