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Job 40:10-14



10 Deck [`adah] thyself now with majesty [ga'own] and excellency [gobahh]; and array [labash] thyself with glory [howd] and beauty [hadar].

11 Cast abroad [puwts] the rage [`ebrah] of thy wrath ['aph]: and behold [ra'ah] every one that is proud [ge'eh], and abase [shaphel] him.

12 Look [ra'ah] on every one that is proud [ge'eh], and bring him low [kana`]; and tread down [hadak] the wicked [rasha`] in their place.

13 Hide [taman] them in the dust [`aphar] together [yachad]; and bind [chabash] their faces [paniym] in secret [taman].

14 Then will I also confess [yadah] unto thee that thine own right hand [yamiyn] can save [yasha`] thee. KJV-Interlinear



10 'Adorn yourself with eminence and dignity; And clothe yourself with honor and majesty. 11 'Pour out the overflowings of your anger; And look on everyone who is proud, and make him low. 12 'Look on everyone who is proud, and humble him; And tread down the wicked where they stand. 13 'Hide them in the dust together; Bind them in the hidden place. 14 'Then I will also confess to you, That your own right hand can save you. NASB



God is speaking directly to Job, but remember that there are others present, just as you and I are also present and hearing His words now.


God has the arm (the power), and the voice (the majesty), and the thunder (the authority) to accomplish His will.


God is righteousness (sinless perfection). God is justice (perfectly clean of all blemishes or taints of any and every kind).


And now, God possesses eminence (reputation), and dignity (distinction). What is it that man possesses?


Can man even adorn himself with respect (honor) or dignity (majesty)? Does man possess rank, wealth, power, authority or anything which will allow him to accomplish his (mans) will?


Can man pour out his anger in policies of justice and control, and restrain or prevent evil?


Can man bring humility, or remorse or repentance to those who are evil?


Can man look at everyone and determine his spiritual status? Can man identify all aspects of evil and in whom they reside?


Can man cause all evil to prostrate itself, face down in the dust in complete surrender?


Can man improve on Gods policies? Can man do better with human history, than God has and is doing?


Can man stretch out his will to subdue and control all of human history?


Can man take all of the evils of history, all of the sins, all of the prejudices and corrupt practices out of history and bind them and then obliterate them for all of eternity?


If man can accomplish any of this, than God will relent His own power and authority, and yield to mans better abilities.


And now we can begin to grasp exactly what has been going on between Satan and God, and what history is all about.


Satan has been attempting to out-do God. God has allowed Satan great latitude in his efforts to be better than God. But all that Satan has been trying to do, is destroy that which God has created.


Destruction does not and never will, become a better alternative to productivity and good.


And all deviations from truth, are in one form or another, paths to destruction.


In Revelation, you will recall our study of the seven great empires of human history. The seven great empires that make up the total of human history. Six have come and gone. The seventh is still to come.


Our dispensation of the Church Age saw the completion of the sixth empire (Rome), followed by a pause while the seventh is being positioned for its formation. That seventh empire, generally referred to as the Revived Rome, will come together in the Tribulation.


In all of these empires, in all of the nations that have assembled, failure after failure has resulted because sooner or later their citizens have rejected truth. We can see that process occurring ever so slowly in our current day.


Everyone wants peace and happiness, but no one wants to pay the price to accomplish and hold on to it.


While God uses righteousness and justice, in truth, to accomplish His will, man always loses control and resorts to either passivism, indifference or violence, in deceit, to accomplish his.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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