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Prov. 8:1-5

Lesson # Prov. 8:1-5
Study Material - Prov. 8:1-5

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Prov. 8:1-5

1 Does not wisdom call, And understanding lift up her voice? 2 On top of the heights beside the way, Where the paths meet, she takes her stand; 3 Beside the gates, at the opening to the city, At the entrance of the doors, she cries out: 4 'To you, O men, I call, And my voice is to the sons of men. 5 'O naive ones, discern prudence; And, O fools, discern wisdom.

Wisdom belongs to God. God reveals wisdom to man, and therefore wisdom is intended to belong to man, but man only has to reach out and learn it, to reach out and take it, Deu. 29:29. Moreover, Wisdom, which comes from God is not too difficult to learn, Deu. 30:11. In fact it is the easiest thing in life to learn. No one has an excuse for their ignorance or error in life. No one has an excuse for their carelessness or unbelief.

Wisdom calls out from all aspects of life. From the accuracy of the text we call the Bible, it calls out. From the organized structure of the universe, male and female, atoms and galaxies, it calls out, Psa. 19:1. From common sense in the discerning of right and wrong, morals and immorals.

Truth lifts up her voice to all who will listen and even to all who will not. In the previous proverb we saw the innocent being deceived and called from darkness, but Bible doctrine is everywhere and out in the open. It is proclaimed to all and never held back in secret. There are no secret rituals, no restrictive clubs for certain persons only. There are no prejudices for the rich or for a certain color of flesh. Bible doctrine is free and available to all. No fees, no admission costs, no reservations. Bible doctrine is for the moral as well as the immoral.

Wherever you go, there is wisdom. In the cities, in the country, on the mountain top, in the darkest jungle. It is in the most public of places and in the most private. Whether free man or prisoner, Bible doctrine is available to all. No one and nothing can prevent Bible doctrine from getting to the positive person. Not the cruelest of governments, not the most immoral of societies. Nothing can prevent the spread of Gods word.

Wisdom calls out to mankind. Not to angels, not to fallen angels or devils, not to the animal life of this world, but to mankind alone is the call of wisdom directed. God has a plan for each of our lives. We are to be lifted up higher than the angels at sometime in the future. Angels have had their chance and day. Animals are not in the promotion plan, but man alone is here to settle the angelic conflict, and mankind alone will be promoted to a position higher than angels and there he will remain for all of eternity.

Bible doctrine is to be learned by those who do not know it. Each child is born ignorant. Most remain that way throughout their life. But the call is to the ignorant, the naive just the same. We are all to listen, pay attention and learn and grow up in our spiritual lives. Everyone is capable of learning Bible doctrine. The most brilliant genius, the most handicapped person alive, all have equal opportunity to learn and grow up spiritually. There is no one who is left behind when they are positive and seek wisdom. The biggest mistake is to those naive who fail to even learn doctrine because they are just not interested, and to the fools who know of it, but reject it intentionally.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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