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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Proverbs 13:25

25 The righteous [tsaddiyq] eateth [akal] to the satisfying [soba] of his soul [nephesh]: but the belly [beten] of the wicked [rasha] shall want [chacer]. KJV-Interlinear

25 The righteous has enough to satisfy his appetite, But the stomach of the wicked is in want. NASB

The righteous refers to those who live in fellowship and are advancing toward and or are nearing spiritual maturity. They live in and focus on their spiritual lives.

The wicked is anyone who does not live inside of their fellowship sphere, anyone who is not consistent in functioning in their spiritual life, anyone who in effect is not advancing toward spiritual maturity. This includes all unbelievers. It includes all believers who are indifferent toward God and doctrine. It includes all believers who think they are living the Christian life, but are in fact living inside a set of standards which they have invented themselves, or in accordance with standards that have been invented by society - invalid standards set up church or religious organizations, social groups, peer groups and so forth.

The righteous group is the smallest and only true minority in existence in the world. The wicked group is the largest majority of folks in all of history. Spiritually speaking, there are but two groups of people in existence - those who have believed in Christ and those who have not.

Within the group of believers, there are those who advance all the way to spiritual maturity, there are those who advance part way, and then there are those who don't advance very far if at all, in their spiritual life. The mature group is the smallest group, followed by the partial growth group.

Then there is the largest group which are those who just are not interested in abiding by Gods instructions. They have their own set of rules or compromised rules for life. Or they are just plain indifferent.

All who do not live consistently inside of their fellowship sphere, all those who do not advance to spiritual maturity, all of those folks more or less live or imitate the lives of the wicked. They will never be satisfied with life. They want. They get. They have. They are engaged in a frantic search for happiness. But, it is never enough. Why?

Because things in this life, honors, acknowledgments, titles, accomplishments and so on and so forth, are external from the soul. Anything external to human existence can never satisfy.

The soul has to have satisfaction built into it and then it acclimates to life from within the soul, not from without.

Bible doctrine is the only means and source of accomplishing this high level of contentment. This is why a very poor person with doctrine in the soul can have a happier life than a very rich person who lacks doctrine in the soul. Doctrine in the soul has nothing to do with your financial status in life.

We have all been raised in life, I'm sure, to advance toward our external wealth and accomplishment goals. All goal programs are aimed at accomplishing something. Something which is external to our inner soul. We are encouraged to get good grades, win at competitions, get good jobs, meet people (contacts) who can help advance us along in life, earn a good living, own a home, a car, have entertainment stuff, have a social life, etc. And all of these are 'things.' None of them will ever satisfy. None of them will ever make you successful in life even if you accomplish them all in great quantity. Again, why?

Because they will all disappear when you die. None will go with you to heaven. Only doctrine in the soul, and the production of the spiritual life, in this life, will go with you to heaven.

The ultimate goal in life is happiness. Along with that, is the accomplishment of success, which provides prosperity and peace of mind. There are two paths to this goal. The first is through the mechanism of the world, and the second is through the mechanism of the scriptures.

The worldly path by means of getting things or honors, is a false path. It appeals to the senses, or the shallow mind, but it is like eating sugar all of your life. Its result in the long run will fail you.

The latter path, the one through Gods Word, is the best path to follow. Because God is in the drivers seat. God and doctrine drives your life, and God provides all the things that you really need. All the things that will enhance your spiritual life and personal life to the maximum. In addition, all these spiritual assets will carry over to eternity, and there is where you real gold mine awaits you. Why throw that away?

Now a quick review of the latest news these days. Death is in the news most of the time, but some deaths draw more attention than others. The woman in Florida who had the brain damage, and the Pope who died this morning (April 2). Both have and will bring a lot of news coverage this month.

From these two stories and others of course, there will be dramatic attention brought to life and death. Some of the attention was controversial, and the Pope's death was more of a peaceful and organized anticipation of the inevitable. Of the many stories and events in the world (tsunamis and such), these two will draw attention to Christianity from an unbelieving and generally indifferent world.

Many will ignore it all and scan the channels for something other than the repetitious news we will all face this month. Many will be glued to their televisions and they will be emotionally following all that will be going on. Their emotions will wear off as time moves beyond these current events. Some will see all of the activity, and they will inquire about God and the Christian life. Some will believe. Some will begin a search for their own spiritual meaning.

Often times it is not a Bible study, or an organized church that drives people to God, but dramatic world events which drive the winds of history. And, at the same time, all of these events sometimes serve to draw a line in the sands of history as well.

For example, in Noah's day, 120 years were given before the flood. People were served with a clear notice that things were going to change dramatically. The line was drawn and positive volition stood on one side, and negative volition stood on the other.

Everyday of your life you have that line drawn in front of you. You can stand on the side of doctrine and fabulous success driven by Gods energy, or you can cross over to the side of the world and pursue your own dreams in the energy of your own effort.

God provides you with guaranteed contentment and happiness. The side of the wicked guarantees you certain failure. It is for you to recognize the difference between the two - and then choose.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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