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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Proverbs 14:1

1 Every wise [chokmowth] woman [ishshah] buildeth [banah] her house [bayith]: but the foolish [ivveleth] plucketh it down [harac] with her hands [yad]. KJV-Interlinear

1 The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish tears it down with her own hands. NASB

Here we have the wise and the foolish. Remember how we defined them in Jonah? Now recall our study in Genesis a long time ago. The word for build is 'banah,' which means to construct out of something.

In Genesis the woman was built, 'banah.' She was built starting with the rib of Adam. And from there God continued her construction until he had the finished product - the woman.

Now we have a different application for the building process. Here we build a house. And you are probably thinking about some little domestic female who is building her home. The smart women build their homes and decorate them and give them life and so forth, and those kinds of homes are the best to call your home. They are warm and comfortable, and you always smell the fresh baked bread. The fridge and pantry are always full. The cookie jar always has something in it. In comfort and security you never lack for anything.

So is this what we are talking about here? Well, yes and no. We look to the physical homes we live in and dream of the best possible home which we would want in our life.

The real home however is the home you build in your soul. That home is inside of us all. So spiritually speaking in this example, we are all the female part of the spiritual life. God is the masculine. Or I should say, that doctrine is the masculine portion of this relationship.

When we were born we consisted of two vessels with two life forms resident inside of each. In our physical body (the first vessel or container) we have biological life. That life began when we were conceived some nine months earlier. When we are physically born, then we receive another container - a soul. Inside that soul is deposited human life. The words we studied before are 'neshamah,' the spark of life or the exhale of life out from God and the inhale into our soul. Our first breath by illustration. Now we are two parts - body and soul, containing two life forms - biological life and human life.

When we believe in Christ we are most likely several years old. Some people maybe decades old, but we all receive a new birth, or a third component to our being - the human spirit. This third vessel or container receives a third life - eternal life. And by the way this last component is given to us while we are alive and walking and talking on this earth. You do not have to come out of your mothers womb to experience your spiritual birth.

Thus over time, God is building up our essence, but we are an empty essence and now it needs to be filled or have some finishing construction, and furnishings before we can move closer to completion.

Thus we now have our volition which comes into view. The believer who is positive and studies Gods Word throughout his life, is the 'wise woman.' The female takes care of the home. If we can use this illustration. You as a believer have a home. That home is inside of your soul. You are responsible for building your home utilizing Gods Word (Bible doctrine) as the construction material for building your perfect home, your temple, your fortress, inside of your soul.

But the building process does not stop there. You have to furnish your home, and that comes from your divine production. The gold, silver and precious stones which decorate your inner self.

You produce divine production through the application of Bible doctrine in your soul, to your daily life, from within the fellowship sphere.

You have to be in fellowship and basically when you are in fellowship, everything you do while in fellowship (not functioning in sin) is considered divine production.

The wise person builds and decorates his own home (in the soul) through their daily study, through residence in fellowship, through application of the principles of doctrine to their daily life. If you have the Charts E-Book, then you can look at the chart of the soul for the believer in fellowship, the believer out of fellowship and the unbeliever. All three show the flow of doctrine into and through the human spirit (believers in fellowship only) and into the soul, where the construction process takes place.

The ultimate perfection and completion of ones life occurs when you advance to spiritual maturity, and receive your permanent resurrection body which will replace your current physical body. Your current body will be thrown away. It is biological and will not continue beyond this life.

This is what the wise person does. God has many 'beyond imagination' blessings waiting in eternity for those who build their homes.

The foolish person of course does none of this. They consider their spiritual life as being nothing of importance. More of a waste of their time even to consider. People who are unstable in their life, in their Christian life, people who are indifferent, and especially inconsistent in their spiritual life. People who simply are not interested in the spiritual side of life unless something good happens to them everyday, and unless life's perfection's come along every time they want them, then these folks will find life somewhat difficult and disappointing.

They of course do not find perfection in this life and so they get frustrated and angry and so forth.

God gives us a set of rules to follow such that we can advance in our spiritual life. Those who choose to ignore those rules and substitute their own path through life, are the fools of life. They in effect tear down not only their home inside their soul, but they are the principle barrier to its construction and completion.

What they seek out of life, they destroy with their own hands. Hands? Yes, by illustration the hands are the functioning work aspect of ones life. By your own function as a negative believer, you destroy and prevent your own success. The fools have only themselves to blame for their failure (spiritual failure) in life.

They will choose to spend most of their time criticizing and complaining and finding fault with everything and everyone in life. And ultimately, they will find themselves miserable throughout their life.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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