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Proverbs 14:28

28 In the multitude [rob] of people [am] is the king's [melek] honour [hadarah]: but in the want [ephec] of people [laom] is the destruction [machittah] of the prince [razown]. KJV-Interlinear

28 In a multitude of people is a king's glory, But in the dearth of people is a prince's ruin. NASB

Growth in a population is good when it occurs in the natural course of history. With liberty comes freedom, and with freedom comes innovation, and with innovation comes prosperity, and with prosperity comes security, and with security comes contentment, and with contentment comes happiness.

This is a simple principle of life yet there are those (nearly everyone - including you) who try to enrich themselves with the forced increase of numbers for their own selfish agenda.

The former portion of this verse represents a population which increases of its own free will and in that there is great prosperity and happiness for all. The soul with Bible doctrine is enhanced by the natural phenomena of spiritual growth.

In the latter portion of this verse there is the false principle of more is not better. Although people get the idea that more is better. This is comes from the lust of greed and selfishness and pursuit of happiness as well as many other lust patterns demonstrated by tyrants, or entertainers.

Insatiable is the term which describes their driving lust pattern.

For entertainers the crowds are never large enough. They have an insatiable appetite or approbation lust for the applause and attention they receive as well as the monetary lusts they have for success. Many will stoop beneath accepted social standards in order to advance themselves. Advancement through talent and ability and dedication to their chosen field of endeavor is not enough. Sensationalism and controversy is pursued in order to gain their desired prosperity. Concern for the general population's or how their actions affect the public welfare is inconsequential.

For kings of the past, their lust was for power and for the conquering of territories. They would invade at will with no purpose or real threat from their neighbor, but only from their desire to destroy their neighbor and to take their neighbors possessions. The welfare of the citizenry again was of no consequence to the invading kings and their armies.

For the current day would be kings (politicians), then their lust is similar to that of entertainers, to be viewed and accepted as the messiah's of the political arena. Welding the sword of government through legislation, to rule and to regulate at their pleasure. Regardless of the need for their leadership, they (politicians) will invent positions and needs in order to create a life long empire, of sorts, to their liking. And again, the needs of the population is on no consequence to them.

As for the common man or woman, this same principle of wanting more and more is a never ending black hole of a trap. Without Bible doctrine in the soul, then the 'dearth' concept here is a trap of endless pursuit of happiness which is elusive and will never be attained. When the concentrated efforts of life are on social activities, hobbies, work activities, investment goals and so forth, then the focus of ones life is on the investments in this temporal life and not in the spiritual side of life. The eventual result will be a life of emptiness and misery.

The individual pursues more and more and ends up with less and less to the point of total famine or an emptiness of soul.

The soul is a sponge and it strongly desires something from life. The soul will absorb whatever is presented to it.

If Bible doctrine, then there is truth and orientation to life and eventually true happiness as we stated in the first paragraph above. The multitude of doctrine which flows naturally into the individuals soul becomes the source and foundation of their glory and happiness.

If worldliness is the source of the souls content, then the soul is asked to live on lies, and lies are a diet of nothingness. The soul starves and yet strives for more and more but getting nothing. The result is never happiness but misery and discontent, frustration and anger, insecurity and unhappiness.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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