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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Proverbs 14:35

35 The king's [melek] favour [ratsown] is toward a wise [sakal] servant [ebed]: but his wrath [ebrah] is against him that causeth shame [buwsh]. KJV-Interlinear

35 The king's favor is toward a servant who acts wisely, But his anger is toward him who acts shamefully. NASB

Proverbs are short sayings, or statements, or phrases that express a basic truth or practical rule or principle prescribing a particular course of action or conduct. Listening to these truths will yield blessing, prosperity, safety, and happiness in ones life.

Ignoring these little truths leads to trouble, to pain or suffering of some kind, to misery in ones life, to frustration, to depression, to anger and so forth.

But then when you ignore the truths of life you are just asking for trouble to fall all over yourself.

Many folks look at Bible doctrine, know it is the truth, but it just isn't real in their lives. They know the truths, but they don't accept them on the spiritual level. They might accept the truths as they apply on the temporal level, but they ignore the spiritual level, which is a more important aspect of their life.

For example if you read the following, 'Work hard and prosper.' Now in the temporal life people will interpret this as meaning that you should study hard in school, keep your room or home or yard clean and kept up, work hard and responsibly at your place of employment or in your business, be frugal, save your money, etc. and so forth, and you'll have a good life.

This is an easy application for everyday life because you can relate it to something tangible in your life, like picking up your dirty socks. However, the greatest prosperity will come not in this life but in the next, and that is a little more difficult to relate to. You won't get any immediate gratification. Nothing to smell, or taste, or hold in your hand. Just the promise of God that if you advance to spiritual maturity, then there will be great (beyond imagination) blessings in eternity. How do you teach this to your children? How do you teach it to yourself?

The Bible does not educate you in a language, or in a science, or in the arts. It does not teach you how to make shoes or build a bridge or launch a rocket. It only teaches you that right is right and wrong is wrong and that listening to Gods Word is better for you than doing anything else, like whiling your life away in front of the television.

If you stay in fellowship and read all of the begat's, and all of the love one another's, then by being in fellowship, God will build for you, a spiritual complex inside of your soul. It isn't something tangible, nor anything that you can measure or sense in any way. You have only faith to trust that it is happening, and the common sense to believe that it is happening.

Now we do not serve an earthly king. Perhaps in the past this was the case, but certainly not in our current day. Most royalty that exists today spend most of their time on the front pages of the rag magazines for their social messes they get involved in.

Our King and the one and only legitimate King of all of history, is Jesus Christ, who is God. We serve Him by advancing in our spiritual life. That happens when we commit ourselves to a daily study. The result? The Kings favor.

Now who in all of the universe can do more for you than God? Whose favor would you prefer? Some celebrity? Some politician? Your boss? All they can do for you, if anything, and usually it is in return for something, is something in this temporal life. The temporal life is temporary. Why would you invest all of your attention and energy in something that will fade away?

Wouldn't it be more profitable to gain the favor of God who can do infinitely more for you?

Gods anger is a representative statement illustrating Gods policy of discipline and/or judgment. You gain Gods disfavor when you throw you own life away by ignoring your spiritual life. That disfavor leads to your own misery. Most of which you bring onto yourself. God really doesn't have to do much to punish you. You do that yourself.

If a parent tells you to not play in the street, and then you reject that advice and go play in the street and get run over, did the parent run over you? No. You took the risk and got run over by the traffic in the street.

We live in the world which is basically a jungle. Live in the jungle and follow its rules only and you'll eventually get burned. Is God doing that burning? No. The jungle is unleashing its powers against you.

If you listen to God and study and get yourself into fellowship, then you have Gods protection from the jungle by living inside of His spiritual fortress. If you learn Bible doctrine, then you will see the dangers that the jungle poses - 'Don't walk through dark alleys.' 'Don't take up with strangers.' And so forth.

Listen to God and you become the apple of His eye. You gain Gods favor and you will be better off for it.

Ignore Him, disregard all of this Bible stuff because you don't see the value in it, or pick and choose what you will believe and what you won't, and you'll suffer the consequences.

You always have the choice, and when you die, then you will finally see the results of your life's choices. You can be smart now and gain a fantastic life for yourself now and for all of eternity, or you can go your own course through life and discover the foolishness of your decisions when it is too late.

End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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