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1 Why do the heathen [gowy] rage, [ragash] and the people [laom] imagine [hagah] a vain thing [riyq]? KJV-Interlinear



1 Why are the nations in an uproar, And the peoples devising a vain thing? NASB



The Old Testament pattern depicts two national groups. There is the nation of God, and the nations, which are not of God.


Those who are the nation of God are those peoples who make up the nation which consists of peoples who have chosen God through and by means of, His policy, mandates and principles, namely faith in His (the Fathers) chosen ruler, savior, and son (Jesus Christ).


Those who have rejected God and His truth, are typically referred to as gentiles, heathen, or simply the nations (plural). The nations are referred to in the plural because there are many philosophies, beliefs, cults, and religions by which they pursue deity but of course never find it because they are looking in the wrong place (their own invented faith). One cannot invent truth from ones own imagination. Facts must match up with reality.


And since when a person looks and looks and looks for something and keeps on looking in the wrong places, then never finding it, they become frustrated, fearful, panicked, and enraged over their failure.


Truth is always before them, but their stubbornness continues to reject truth, and drives them further and further in the wrong direction, which of course results in continued failure


The chosen of God find God through faith, a very simply thing.


The unchosen nations try and try and try and work themselves into a lather, to no benefit, thus hatred enters into the picture. Hatred against God for not recognizing their efforts (which is from arrogance), and for accepting others (believers) who do virtually nothing (faith) and acquire His favor (grace).


Heathen is a reference to those who have rejected God, truth, Christ and doctrine.


Imagine, 'hagah,’ comes from the invention of ones own self. People invent religion. People invent cults. People invent philosophies that are intended to replace truth. And there is only one truth. It is impossible to have two truths when one contradicts the other.


Truth matches perfectly, facts with reality. Lies cannot do that. Invention cannot do that. Pretense cannot do that. Indifference cannot do that.


Any attempt to create an alternative truth, always fails and frustration sets in, then rage at ones consistent failures.


Satan lays the pattern for this attitude and result. Satan rages over and over, again, and again. He wishes to be like the most high (God the Father). Even Satan attempts to approach the Father by bypassing the Son. Satan rejects the divine plan.


Arrogance rejects Gods plan and attempts to approach the Father by means of its own merit. This is the key and very reason that the divine plan demands that all who approach God, must approach through the Son. Any other method is rejected.


All religion, all philosophies, all cults, seek deity directly by skirting around the Son. And sin cannot approach perfection until it is cleansed and removed (something that only the Son can accomplish). Sin cannot fix itself. Someone else has to fix it.


Jesus Christ accomplishes the defeat of sin and death in His work on the Cross.


Rejection of that very important principle of truth, ends up in the inability to find truth, and therefore ends up in frustration, panic in not accomplishing eternal life, and therefore rage.


Ones own efforts are not rewarded, but cursed. Only the work of Christ is efficacious. Therefore, rage results when ones efforts (from the imagination and invention in arrogance) are totally rejected.



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