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Psalms 6:6



6 I am weary [yaga`] with my groaning; ['anachah] all the night [layil] make I my bed [mittah] to swim; [sachah] I water [macah] my couch [`eres] with my tears. [dim`ah] KJV-Interlinear



6 I am weary with my sighing; Every night I make my bed swim, I dissolve my couch with my tears. NASB



To water a couch is to flood ones bed with massive tears. To cry all night is to be sleepless, in anguish, in distress, full of anxiety to the point of tremendous sorrow.

This verse describes extreme pressure.

And in this world, in this life, everyone will sooner or later, have this experience, and come face to face with massive pressure.

The anxiety becomes unbearable, intolerable, mentally agonizing.

On the one hand, you feel like nothing is working for you, that life has nothing to offer. You feel like you have been left behind, forgotten, misused.

You feel worthless and of no value to yourself, much less anyone else.

You look around and there is nothing in his world, no one in this world to whom you can turn, and you cry privately to God in deep anguish and despair.

Your tears are uncontrollable. Your feeling of helplessness and loss, goes way beyond yourself. You look around and nothing changes. There is no hope, no miracle, nothing magical happening or even going to happen in your life.

And this verse and the next, describe the lowest of the lowest of feelings in ones life.

And yet there is hope.

Remember when you were a baby. Of course you don't. But when you had your first breath of life, you were totally helpless, and useless, if you will. You knew nothing and could do nothing. You could not even care for yourself.

And yet here you are. How ever old you are today, there was a time when your existence depended totally on someone else, and you could do nothing for yourself. Yet here you are.

God is in His heaven and God provides for every possible circumstance in life. Nothing happens by accident. Nothing takes God by surprise.

One day you will come face to face with possibly your worst fears, whatever they might be. And on that day, you will either pass or fail Gods test of faith. And that all depends on your spiritual preparation today.



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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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