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Psalm 7:15


15 He made [karah] a pit, [bowr] and digged [chaphar] it, and is fallen [naphal] into the ditch [shachath] which he made. [pa`al] KJV-Interlinear


15 He has dug a pit and hollowed it out, And has fallen into the hole which he made. NASB


The pit, 'bowr,' is a hunting trap. The hunter digs out a pit wide and deep and then covers it over with branches and leaves and such, so that it cannot be seen by his prey.

He then chases his prey in the direction of the pit so that the prey will cross it and fall into it, and the pit being so deep, the prey is hopelessly trapped, and then killed by the hunter, forever ending the life of the prey.

Evil makes the wicked person blind, such that he ends up digging his own pit, falling into the pit, and thus gets trapped and dies as a result of a plan that he himself made.

Evil is its own hunter and prey all wrapped up into one. The person who embraces it, makes himself the victim of his own pursuits. He causes his own failure and death.

And in this case, it is spiritual death that is in view here.

For unbelievers the spiritual death is their failure to believe in Christ thus condemning them to the Lake of Fire in the next life.

For believers who fail in their spiritual life, then their failure is their lack of spiritual growth, thus losing for them, the many additional rewards and blessings of eternity, not to mention the loss of blessings in this life.

God really does not have to do much of anything, because people bring all of their disaster onto themselves, by themselves.

It is true now, it was true in the past and if you have been following the Revelation study, then you know that those folks will bring their phenomenal disasters, onto themselves.

So, if you are indifferent or otherwise passive with regard to doctrine, then your problems are your own fault. You cannot blame anyone else, for any failure in your life. Likewise, if you have any semblance of success in your life, you have no right to claim credit for that either.

Gods grace is the source of all blessing.

Your spiritual dysfunction is the source of all of your cursing.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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