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Psalm 9:20


20 Put [shiyth] them in fear [mowra'], [mowra'] O LORD: [Yahovah] that the nations [gowy] may know [yada`] themselves to be but men. ['enowsh] Selah. [celah] KJV-Interlinear


20 Put them in fear, O Lord; Let the nations know that they are but men. Selah. NASB


This psalm closes with a reminder, God is God, and men are but men.

God controls all of eternity and all that is, and men are totally dependent on God having no control over anything in life, even in death they are powerless.

Man is a mere spark of life inserted into the dust of the earth, and nothing more.

Man did not create the universe. Man created nothing. Man cannot create anything. He can shape things certainly but he cannot control the fundamental principles that rule this universe. Man seeks freedom, but he has no choice but to serve as a slave to his own sin nature, or serve God. There is no third choice.

Man cannot conquer his limitations. Man cannot predestine himself before his own birth.

David closes with this prayer, that the wicked will not get away with their wickedness and that the righteous will not be forgotten. And with certainty those believers who are positive will be remembered and delivered and blessed.

While all who have forgotten God or rejected God will get their due. Unbelievers permanently, and negative believers will have their temporary misery here on earth and loss of reward in eternity.

Positive believers will get their stress tests certainly, but will graduate to permanent promotion and blessing, both in this life on earth, and in eternity.

Unbelievers and negative believers should fear God, because of what He can withhold, and because of what they cannot do.

Selah. The band plays on. Grace continues. Gods plan continues.

We have no influence on God or His plan. Ignoring His plan and reality, gains man nothing.

God saw in eternity past all that would happen and set His decrees in place, selecting the best possible combination of events for all of human history, and for you and each person specificlaly, without interfering with our individual volition.

Regardless of what we choose to do in life, history will play itself out for the greater good as defined by Bible doctrine. Better to be on the winning team, than on a losing team.

Gods team has already won the fight. The conclusion of history and each of our lives is certain.

We can exercise our positive volition for God and study His Word daily and incorporate it into our lives and be winners. Or we can reject and otherwise ignore God and suffer through a life of misery and judgment, and greater loss.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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