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Psalm 11:1


To the chief Musician, [natsach] A Psalm of David. [David]

1 In the LORD [Yahovah] put I my trust: [chacah] how say ['amar] ye to my soul, [nephesh] Flee [nuwd] as a bird [tsippowr] to your mountain [har]? KJV-Interlinear


For the choir director. A Psalm of David.

1 In the Lord I take refuge; How can you say to my soul, "Flee as a bird to your mountain; NASB


This psalm is addressed to the leader of the band, to the one who directs the choir, to the one who conducts the music.

Music throughout the scriptures speaks of Gods grace and Gods plan. Jesus Christ controls history.

While the acts of history play out, the music plays on regardless of the content of the actions in history.

Mans actions come and go. Mans plans for man come and go. And likewise the actions and plans of Satan come and go, but God has an overall plan for history, and despite mans or Satan's efforts to make their own course through history, Gods plan moves right along without so much as a bump in the road, without so much as a hiccup in its advance.

So, the question is posed.

Some say, 'Flee as a bird.' 'Run, escape. You've not a moment to lose. Go fast and go now. Get away.'

And these are mans opinions and advice when problems advance on our lives.

Some turn to drugs, some turn to alcohol, some just yell and blame when life is beyond their control. Some even turn into themselves in depression, and some actually run away and disappear from life in an effort to hide or simply get away.

And in life there is nowhere you can run, nowhere you can hide that will allow you to escape from the problems of life, regardless of what they are. Whether personal, social, financial, marital, physical or whatever, if you try to escape, your problems will follow you or other problems will take their place.

Running never solves anything.

David was running constantly from Saul. God had promised David that he was going to be king. And that promise meant that he had to be alive in order to become king, and that Saul had to somehow be removed as the current king.

But David did not look to God for his strength, but instead he ran and he ran for several years.

God has a plan for you. God has a plan for every individual.

When you look to God and pursue doctrine and your spiritual life, then God will make sure that your spiritual life and His plan for you, will function as He sees fit. In this fashion, you benefit immensely.

But, when you look to your own plans, when you look for ways out of your predicament, excluding God from your life, then you lose, because Gods plan does not function as it is supposed to function. You in effect, sabotage your own destiny.

Therefore, in God we are to place our trust, not in escapes, not in the plans of man, not in our own opinions that are exclusive of God.

Trust is not a blind trust, but a trust based on knowledge and understanding. You have to learn in order to build that trust inside of you.

When we pursue our spiritual life, then God places a new perspective in us. We, through knowledge and understanding, and wisdom, see how things are, and we see alternatives that we would not have seen before. And thus we can face the problems of life in a different light.

Bible doctrine will not exclude you from life's problems, but it will give you options that you would not otherwise see.

The lack of doctrine limits your insight, and limits your options, simply because you cannot see them.

Panic and disappointment, and dismay and other emotions get in the way, when doctrine is not in the soul, so your thinking and judgment are clouded.

But with doctrine in the soul, you will be better able to see life, and even if you do not see the solution, then God will step in often times, and see them for you.

God has a plan for your life. Often times life will see you forced to move or forced to make a change that you would never make on your own, but circumstances give you no options that you can see. But when you place your trust in God, then sooner or later the results will make it clear as to why things have happened to you, and why they have brought you to something better or to where you are supposed to be.

Hind sight is a gift more often than we know. And far too often, we do not see Gods faithfulness until we have a hind sight picture of our life, and then perhaps gain some understanding as to how or why we are where we are.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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