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Psalm 12:1


12 To the chief Musician [natsach] upon Sheminith, [shamiyniyth]

A Psalm [mizmowr] of David. [David]

Help, [yasha`] LORD; [Yahovah] for the godly man [chaciyd] ceaseth; [gamar] for the faithful ['aman] fail [pacac] from among the children [ben] of men. ['adam] KJV-Interlinear


For the choir director; upon an eight-stringed lyre.

A Psalm of David.

12 Help, Lord, for the godly man ceases to be, For the faithful disappear from among the sons of men. NASB


From Psalm 6, the word 'Neginoth,' means a stringed instrument. David is giving instructions to play this psalm set to music played by a stringed instrument. Music is typically used to symbolize Gods grace policy.

The word, 'Sheminith,' means eight and refers to an eight stringed instrument. Also, the number eight means one more than seven. Seven being the number of completion or perfection, then the number eight meaning plumpness or the fat of abundance resulting from perfection.

Therefore, these scriptures from God, bring completion into ones life and as a result of that completion , blessings abound, bringing abundance into ones life.

Double music sources generally imply double grace.

However, note here that the first term, 'Neginoth,' is absent from this psalm, noting that by means of Gods grace, the prosperity was and has been ample, but now something has changed and it is not Gods policy that has changed, but mans attitude that has changed. Thus grace is diminished.

Society has faded away from Gods truth, and thus the help required in the promotion of truth, which leads to prosperity and a secure life, likewise has faded.

Therefore, since God never fades, never changes, the call for help naturally is directed to God, for that is the only source and origin and capability of help that truly exists.

The godly man is a reference to believers who are positive and living their natural lives in fellowship and otherwise functioning properly in their spiritual life. Since all spiritual blessings come to humanity through association with mature believers, then when those mature believer cease, then blessings diminish.

Cease here means to come to a completion, to come to an end, to terminate, and it also means to fail.

And so, believers are either failing in their spiritual lives, going native if you will, and thus have become indifferent or apathetic toward God and doctrine. Or, believers are coming to the end of their lives and are dying off or being killed or are leaving this world for whatever reason.

And as a result of this reduction of positive believers, there are not enough others coming along to replace them, and thus keep the blessings coming from God.

In Noah's day, all of the positive believers died off, leaving Noah and his family and no one else. Blessings ceased and the world was flooded. The entire population died.

At the end of our current dispensation, the numbers of believers, or the numbers of positive believers will diminish either through attitude or death or simply by reduced numbers when compared to the total world population, as the foretold 'great apostasy' takes hold of society. Blessings for the world will diminish greatly as the Rapture occurs and the Tribulation begins.

Throughout history, attitude toward Christ has had roller coaster rides through society and the world has seen wars, and diseases, and plagues and famines and even periods of prosperity. They have all come and gone as attitude toward Christ determines the levels of blessings that will come into the world.

As goes attitude toward Christ, so goes history.

We live in tough times now. There have been tougher times and there had been better times, but as we advance through the coming year, and into the next, sooner or later society has to come to terms with the false ideals that exist in this world, and the cessation of positive believers that are the driving force of true stability and prosperity.

There is but one answer, and that is God, through Christ, through prayer, through a commitment of a functioning spiritual life, for many folks.

Innovation will not solve mans problems. Government will not solve mans problems. Technology will not solve mans problems. Philosophies will not solve mans problems.

There is but one solution, and that is God through Christ. When people turn to God in the proper way, then prosperity in society happens as if by magic. When people turn their backs on Gods mandates, then life falls apart and everyone wonders how it all happened. Certainly someone is to blame.

And of course the blame is staring directly at everyone looking in the mirror. They just do not make the connection.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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