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Psalm 12:7


7 Thou shalt keep [shamar] them, O LORD, [Yahovah] thou shalt preserve [natsar] them from this [zuw] generation [dowr] for ever. [`owlam]KJV-Interlinear


7 Thou, O Lord, wilt keep them; Thou wilt preserve him from this generation forever. NASB


David lived in a time when evil was running rampant. There was far too much evil in the world, and far too many victims of that evil.

However, this generation, not only speaks of the generation that was contemporary with David, but it also applies to any generation that is current during its time in history.

Therefore, every generation will have to deal with evil, will have evil running rampant, and there will always be victims in the world.

As it is said, the poor will always be with you. That simply means that humanity will never find a solution for poverty, will never find a solution for evil, and thus will never find a solution for its flaws.

Humanity will never solve sin, and will never solve death. Those are the two key ingredients that separate man from the destiny that he pursues on his own (whatever that destiny happens to be).

God, on the other hand, is well able to separate man from sin and man from death, and not only that, but God is well able to keep man safe and secure, forever, regardless of the opposition that exists in the world.

With all of the many proofs that exist in this world, thoroughly demonstrating that humanity lacks the ability to deal with his own problems, that humanity is unable to solve even the basics of his problems, one would think that people would be more open to truth.

Unfortunately, that openness ends up in pursuits of more lies, more philosophies, more religious zeal, and most folks keep overlooking the obvious, which is the Bible, Christ and the legitimate spiritual life.

None of you had anything to say about your life before you were born, let alone anything to say, period.

None of you are acquainted with anyone who lived over a century ago, and man has been on this earth for well over 6000 years. Where did all of those 120 generations over the last several millennia, go? They are dead and gone. None of them have seen our generation. None of them have seen out technology. None of them were helped by anything that originated in this world.

And now here you are, another person in a rather huge generation numbering over seven billion people in this world. And what do we have that is better? A faster way to travel and a faster way to compute, a faster way to communicate, and a faster way to cook. And what do we have that has solved sin or death? Nothing.

People are born everyday. People die everyday. And people hustle everyday. And sitting before all of us, is the future, our life after our death. And who takes note of that?

The world cannot help you. The world cannot promote you. The world cannot prosper you.

But Christ, can do all of this and far, far more. But who will take even a glimpse of that opportunity that is available to all?

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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