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Psalm 14:6


6 Ye have shamed [buwsh] the counsel [`etsah] of the poor, [`aniy] because the LORD [Yahovah] is his refuge. [machaceh] KJV-Interlinear


6 You would put to shame the counsel of the afflicted, But the Lord is his refuge. NASB


You, is a reference to the wicked, or all who reject God and Gods counsel in any and every form.

Shamed, 'buwsh,' means to mock, ridicule, confound, to pale, make light of, to discount as unimportant.

Counsel, is a reference to the plan, advice, instruction of God. This is the content of the scriptures.

Poor, 'aniy,' refers to the afflicted, the distressed, all who are the target of the world, the target of all who are anti-God in every form. All believers are the target of the wicked. All truth is the target of evil.

Refuge, 'machaceh,' means shelter, hope, trust, destiny or destination (place).

And actually the target is God, and Satan is the shooter. However, Satan uses naïve people as his weapons to launch attacks against believers in all manner of ridicule against truth. But Satan also uses naïve believers who imitate unbelievers into attacking truth as well. And, in so doing, all who are used by Satan are in fact themselves targets in that they are used as the pawns of evil. They just do not know it.

So negative volition toward truth is a double edged sword. The person who is negative and thus ridicules or is indifferent toward truth, are shooting themselves in the head as well. That is the quintessence of the fool.

However, all wickedness, in whatever form, has no refuge. Their targets, believers, of whom they are jealous and hateful towards, have the only refuge that is available in this entire universe.

All believers are safe, in that they are going to heaven.

Evil can disrupt life in this world, but that is all. Life in this world is temporary at its best.

All believers that actually advance to spiritual maturity, have an additional refuge in Gods infinite blessings and rewards that they will receive. No one can remove those. The quintessence of safety and security, is in the person who advances to spiritual maturity. That is the pinnacle of the completion of ones entire essence.

Therefore, if you have never believed in Christ, then you have no refuge whatsoever.

If you are a believer but do not pursue Gods plan for advancement to spiritual maturity, then you have the refuge of heaven, but do not have the refuge of eternal 'additional' rewards.

If you are a believer and have resolved to advance through your daily Bible studies to spiritual maturity, then you will possess the ultimate refuge that is possible.

Unbelievers disregard salvation and that is their greatest mistake. The price they will pay is the Lake of Fire.

Believers that are indifferent or believe that they have a better way, disregard their daily studies, and that is their biggest mistake. The price that they will pay is the loss of reward.

But then what is reward? The scriptures never actually define it. However, rewards are defined in our world through the many examples of prosperity that we can see all around us. And through these examples we can see that there will be vast differences in reward in eternity, even though we do not know the specifics.

Among us are billionaires and peasants. That us a huge difference.

There are those who have phenomenal talents and abilities, and those who lack them. Some can play sports, while the rest of us cannot even walk a straight line. There some who can play musical instruments with ease, while the rest of us cannot play even a single note. There are those who possess phenomenal intellect, and most do not. Some possess photographic memories, while the rest of us cannot remember where the bathroom is in the morning. Savants possess seemingly miracle talents that far exceed any of us. And so it goes.

Every believer will possess a resurrection body, but there is a huge array of reward possibilities for eternity, and to miss out on any of them would be a great loss, but to miss out on all of them would be a huge loss.

Nothing in this life can match that which God has waiting for the mature believer. So expending all of your time investing in the things of this world in this life, while ignoring Gods plan, is just plain dumb.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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