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Psalm 16:4


4 Their sorrows [`atstsebeth] shall be multiplied [rabah] that hasten [mahar] after another ['acher] god: their drink offerings [necek] of blood [dam] will I not offer, [nacak] nor [bal] take up [nasa'] their names [shem] into my lips. [saphah] KJV-Interlinear


4 The sorrows of those who have bartered for another god will be multiplied; I shall not pour out their libations of blood, Nor shall I take their names upon my lips. NASB


Sorrows can be rendered sorrows or idols.

Hasten means to bargain for, to trade for, to barter or pursue.

Those who reject God, Christ, doctrine and so forth, do so not by ignorance or happenchance, but do so purposely. They pursue, they go out of their way to obtain, all manner of false religion, philosophy, or even no philosophy. And in so doing their pursuits multiply, increase, grow, burgeon, swell.

The false increases, and the sorrows likewise increases. False or lies, never produce anything good, or productive, or beneficial. All results of lies prove to result in disappointment, failure, loss and therefore sorrow. Nothing good comes out of that which is false.

Drink offerings were usually wine mixed with water, to represent the blood offering of legitimate sacrifices. Many false religions likewise copied this ritual but using the actual blood of the sacrificial animal or human in many cases. These drinks were usually poured out as a part of the ritual procedure.

The Levitical offerings were legitimate rituals that taught the principles of the true sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. Those legitimate offerings, God recognized. However, the offerings and sacrifices and rituals, whatever they were, of false religions, are not recognized by God.

This emphasizes that only the one true sacrifice of Christ, is legitimate and recognized and accepted by God.

All false rituals are rejected. There is only one God, one Savior, one sacrifice, one truth.

All names of all false gods, all false religions, all false philosophies, all false beliefs are rejected by God. He will not even mention their names, or give them recognition, nor even the names of those (unbelievers) who follow them.

There is no such thing as an honorable religion. There is no such thing as an honorable sincerity. There is no such thing as an honorable good intention.

Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with God through Christ.

All religions are false and therefore evil to the core. To respect them, or to honor them as though they are worthy in some way, is contrary to Christian principles.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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