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Psalm 17:3


3 Thou hast proved [bachan] mine heart; [leb] thou hast visited [paqad] me in the night; [layil] thou hast tried [tsaraph] me, and shalt find [matsa'] nothing; I am purposed [zamam] that my mouth [peh] shall not transgress. [`abar] KJV-Interlinear


3 Thou hast tried my heart; Thou hast visited me by night; Thou hast tested me and dost find nothing; I have purposed that my mouth will not transgress. NASB


God knows your thoughts, your intentions, and actions, even before you know or commit them.

The heart is a physiological pump that circulates the blood throughout your physical body.

In the soul, the heart refers to that similar movement action or activity of thought throughout your soul.

To prove, means to verify or confirm. And here, God looks into the soul and verifies the content of the soul.

That content is something that God expects to find in a mature believer, namely doctrine.

Visit, is a reference to an inspection, an examination. God stops by and inspects the soul of every believer, to see if that soul is in order. Or to verify that the soul is working properly as it should be working.

The night, is a reference to the solitude, or place of quiet, the place of peace or the place that is not accessible to anyone else. This is your inner most thoughts.

God tries the believer. He tests, as a smelter purges out the impurities of a precious metal under the high pressures of a blast furnace. These tests come from life and life's experiences. This is the devils world and there is no shortage of tests, to see if the doctrine in your soul, is even there to begin with, and if so, to see if it has any staying power when placed under pressure. Will you be loyal to God, or will you blame God.

For the mature believer, God finds nothing that will render the believer invalid in thought or conduct. This is a reference to the ongoing investigation and testing, the pattern of life that the individual has chosen and lives by, in their life.

Everyone falls at times, but the mature believer gets up, confesses his sins, and keeps on moving forward in his life.

The mouth not transgressing, means that the daily life on the outside, the public view, is the same as the daily thoughts of doctrine on the inside. There is no double standard, no outward pretense. The believer is consistent and reliable in the pattern of life that is consistent with the pattern of life demanded by doctrine, both on the outside of their person, and on the inside of their soul.

Most people fail in this test. Their soul lacks doctrine. Their life lacks standards. Their whole demeanor lacks consistency in truth, because they do not abide by Gods standards. They define their own standards and presume that this is enough.

God is not a fool. God knows all about you. God evaluates you based on hard facts, on hard evidence, on perfect examination. God tests you and watches you in your day to day life, to see if the consistencies in His truth are there in your life, or not.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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