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Psalm 17:9


9 From [paniym] the wicked [rasha`] that [zuw] oppress [shadad] me, from my deadly [nephesh] enemies, ['oyeb] who compass me about. [naqaph] KJV-Interlinear


9 From the wicked who despoil me, My deadly enemies, who surround me.  NASB


Oppress, 'shadad,' describes a city that has been ravaged and laid to waste, made desolate, destroyed as when having lost a total war.

Deadly, 'nephesh,' means against the life, or against my life. Enemies that are set against the soul.

Compass means to be surrounded as a city that is under siege, surrounded with no way in or out, with no access to resources except that which is already within the city.

Therefore from the previous verse, the cry for protection, for keeping oneself as the apple of Gods eye, is a prayer for preservation from any and all enemies.

Enemies are all who promote opposition to God and Gods truth. This includes all social or work related adversaries, regardless of their nature. Whether from office politics, social or professional competitiveness, inordinate ambitions, social gossip, and so forth. This includes all criminal activity, all categories of sin, all types of violence, all philosophies, all religious or irreligious activities, and so forth, such that they are in opposition to truth.

All opposition to truth regardless of its type, is evil and nothing more. It seeks to promote itself and destroy truth.

The world is saturated with evil and therefore, each and every believer is surrounded completely by evil while living in this world. This is the devils world.

The objective of evil is the attack on and the destruction of the soul, both of its host person who possesses and promotes the evil, and of their target.

Wickedness is the activity of evil. All people who do not subscribe to truth, by default promote evil. Their actions are categorized as wickedness.

They attempt to make a place in this world, which does not rightfully belong to them, but rightfully belongs to God and His designated heirs. Namely mature believers.

Unbelievers and negative believers are not the recipients of Gods blessings, except through common grace. They are all allowed to remain here in this life pending their change of attitude toward truth. But since arrogance resists truth, then arrogance presumes that it has the same rights and privileges that everyone else has. Actually arrogance presumes that it has more rights than anyone else.

And so evil struggles to hold on, to that to which it has no right. It will destroy if possible, those who have the rightful place, in order to get its possessions or rights of its desires. God, however, protects those who belong to Him. He protects believers in general, as to their salvation, and He protects mature believers as to their inheritance and beyond grace rewards.

If you are a spiritually positive believer, then all the world will oppose you. If you pursue your life in the activities of evil, then you are an enemy and oppressor of truth.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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