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Psalm 18:45


45 The strangers [ben] [nekar] shall fade away, [nabel] and be afraid [charag] out of their close places. [micgereth] KJV-Interlinear


45 Foreigners fade away, And come trembling out of their fortresses. NASB


Just a quick note. You really need to read the Revelation study, because there are many passages in the Old Testament and especially in our current study of Isaiah and the Psalms, that relate to the mental state of people who will live in that future time.

And even though many of these passages occur in similar format during Davids time and that of the prophets, we need to know that most of the Old Testament describes the realities that society will deteriorate to, in that last generation of history.

History gives us many examples of how people act and the many repercussions of their thoughts and actions, and yet nobody seems to learn from history, from their own life, or at least society in general does not learn. That is why people have had to move from region to region, from continent to continent and so forth, in order to escape persecution and problems etc.

If life was simple and fair, then movements would not have had to occur, but the sin nature of humanity brings all sorts of baggage into the lives of everyone, and that baggage is filled with corruption and bias, and problems galore.

So, once you have read the Revelation study, then you will begin to understand not only that book, but the many passages that point toward that last generation, wherein most of the prophesies of the final days, will occur.

And here we have yet another passage describing the attitudes and reactions of people in the face of their judgment.

When David attacked an enemy, his reputation preceded him. As he pursued them on the battlefield and as they ran from the battlefield, fear and terror overtook them because they knew their fate was going to be death.

And so, in the last days, when Gods judgments come upon the world, the nations will fade, as stated in this verse.

Fade, 'nabel,' here means to wilt, wither, fall away, as you would speak of a flower that withers and dies and is no more. So too, the nations will disintegrate and wither one by one over the period of the Tribulation and they will fade and then end.

And during that process the people of the world will turn to their fortresses, as called 'close places' here, which are places or beliefs or things that people go to when they are running and trying to hide, or trying to find protection for themselves.

But no place, and nothing will be their safety. They will have no safety, and thus fear and terror will overtake them. And as you recall from Revelation people will call on anything and everything to fall on them to destroy them so that the torments that they are undergoing, will come to an end.

We already know that most normal people will turn to God for relief when life becomes too burdensome, but those folks will not turn to God, but will turn to death, in order to end the torment.

And we also know that death, for unbelievers, is not the end of their torment, but the beginning of an eternal set of torments that will only be far worse.

That last generation, will be anti-God to the maximum and they will be stubborn in their rejection of God, to the maximum. And that is the biggest single reason that they will suffer so great a suffering.

In fact, everyone and anyone in life, brings their problems on themselves, because they are either indifferent, stubborn, or are outright resentful of God, Gods mandates, Gods imposed responsibilities and obligations, and they simply hate that being placed on their life.

And what they want is for the wrong things in life to be their truth, and the right things to be their lies.

Negative volition toward God and doctrine, brings the difficulties of life, into your life, and stubborn attitudes, bring only sorrow. If you do not wake up to this, your life will be miserable, and only you are to blame.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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