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Psalm 18:47


47 It is God ['el] that avengeth [nathan] [naqamah] me, and subdueth [dabar] the people [`am] under me. KJV-Interlinear


47 The God who executes vengeance for me, And subdues peoples under me.  NASB


God, 'el,' is a reference to the almighty.

Avenge or vengeance, 'naqamah,' means vengeance, or to punish.

Subdue, 'dabar,' means to arrange, to set in order, to put in ones place, to control, to subdue or reduce.

And as it is true in the case of David, with regard to his enemies. And it is true with regard to enemies of truth throughout history. It will be true in the Tribulation and the end of history when God puts all evil in its place, namely judged and destroyed.

So too, it is true in your individual life.

Regardless of who or what you are, regardless of your station in life, it is God who puts all things in order in your life. Jesus Christ controls history.

God takes care of all enemies of truth. And one way or another, it is God who sets things straight in your life, even and especially when you mess things up yourself.

God subdues, and that means that He sets things in order. And that means that God sets things in accordance with His divine plan which was authored in eternity past.

Long before you or I or anyone or anything ever existed, God looked down through the tunnel of time and considered any and all possible arrangements of history. Without coercion or cause, God considered the placement of peoples, of their decisions, their thoughts, intents, interactions, and how it all comes together in a connected historical pattern. God considered many versions and when it was all said and done, God decided on the very best plan, for the very best result for each and every individual.

The divine decrees were set and sealed and then history began.

God does not make your decisions, but God does place everyone into history in such a manner as to gain the very best result for all of history.

So, you think you are self-made? Think again. You are a product of all that came before you, and of all that God intends, combined with your own ridiculous decisions that you make during your life.

God knows your thoughts, your actions, your interactions with others, the environment in which you will grow up in and within which you will live. God knows your opportunities and friends and enemies, and all that will affect your life.

So, in some very supernatural way, God maneuvers all things to serve good, and when you finally figure that out, then perhaps you will understand that your life has a supernatural component of which God maintains control.

Nothing happens by accident. So when things go right in your life, do not conclude that it is all your doing or luck. And likewise when things go badly for you, then perhaps you should look inward at your own self, and maybe, perhaps just maybe, it is you that needs to make a change in yourself, in order to avoid further difficulties.

People are always glad when the good things occur, but the real education begins when the bad things occur, and you begin your self-check to see what it is that you need to do so far as adjusting to or correcting your spiritual life, your responsibilities, or obligations.

The spiritual life is not a children's story, or some sort of pretend thing just to help us all feel better about ourselves. The spiritual life is very real and that requires and mandates your real attention to your life and to your own eternal destiny.

To play games, or to think lightly of your own life, means that you simply do not understand the purpose of your life, and how you fit into Gods plan.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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