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Psalm 19:6


6 His going forth [mowtsa'] is from the end [qatseh] of the heaven, [shamayim] and his circuit [taquwphah] unto the ends [qatsah] of it: and there is nothing hid [cathar] from the heat [chammah] thereof. KJV-Interlinear


6 Its rising is from one end of the heavens, And its circuit to the other end of them; And there is nothing hidden from its heat. NASB


Going forth, 'mowtsa,' means the circuit or path as in a race.

And so the sun goes forth about its business as designed. It travels without tiring without letting up in its pace.

The sun travels from one end, the east, to the end of its total circuit. Here that circuit is typically a year, covering all the four seasons, traveling throughout the year, and back to the point of when all things seemingly restart.

Circuit, 'taquwphah,' means revolution, path, course. And here refers to the completion of that path.

Unto the ends, 'qutsah,' means termination, end point, point of restarting.

Nothing hid from the sun, is a reference to the life giving warmth and light. For all living things, there is some benefit from the sun. Even the things that live in the deepest portions of the ocean, benefit to some extent. But here the surface of the earth where humanity lives, that life giving warmth and light are in view. For it is humanity that receives life and it is humanity that benefits for the purpose of continuing on forever.

This whole set of symbolisms points to the fact that all of humanity in its entirety, since the time of Adam, to the four corners of the planet, has benefited from the sun, has seen the sun, has looked heavenward, for that is how you see the sun. You have to look to the sun in order to see it, and all of humanity, no matter who they were or when they lived, has looked up and seen the sun at some point in their life.

And for the most part, most people see the sun every day, or at least its affects, all of their life.

It is impossible for anyone to have lived and not know of a higher being, or designer, or to even wonder about that question.

And Bible doctrine is so much more than the mere appearance of the sun during the day and the stars during the night.

The sun does its job ceaselessly and tirelessly and consistently throughout the ages.

When you combine the truth of doctrine, by means of your daily studies, with the patterns and design of nature, one cannot escape the questions about God and life, and what our individual obligations and purposes are.

Those who fight the truth and their place in life, fight only to defeat themselves.

Look up at the sun and the stars and try as you may, you cannot change their characteristics. You cannot change their course. You cannot change their appearance or their appearing.

And so too, God has placed certain characteristics upon you and your life, and of those you cannot change but can only improve upon through compliance with Gods plan and purpose for your life.

To the degree that you comply with and subscribe to, Gods plan, will determine the degree of your blessings and the completion of your overall life.

To the degree that you fight it, will only result in loss of blessing and loss of happiness. And why would you do that to yourself?

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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