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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Psalm 20:7


7 Some trust in chariots, [rekeb] and some in horses: [cuwc] but we will remember [zakar] the name [shem] of the LORD [Yahovah] our God. ['elohiym] KJV-Interlinear


7 Some boast in chariots, and some in horses; But we will boast in the name of the Lord, our God. NASB


Throughout all of our lives we are trained to use the things that surround us, to better ourselves, to rely on things in order to get ahead.

Sometimes luck enters into the equation, or favorable circumstances are viewed as luck. But in any case, there is nothing that occurs in life that was not seen by God in eternity past.

God, a very long time ago, looked down through the tunnel of time and considered all of the possibilities that may or may not happen with each and every individual. Then He selected the best history sequence and that became the Divine Decrees.

The Divine Decrees are the complete embodiment of history that God saw long ago, and that which we are now experiencing.

God did not force us to make any of the decisions that we currently make. He merely saw our decisions that we would make, given our placement into history that we now occupy. God could have easily placed each of us into a different time in history, which would have given us a different life and different results. We can only guess as to how we would turn out under any one of several different scenarios, but we are here, now, and that is what is important. The what if's, are irrelevant. The here and now is relevant.

In the Divine Decrees, every aspect of your life, no matter how insignificant, no matter how vast, no matter how repetitive, everything concerning your life, all of your thoughts, decisions, intents, environmental circumstances, people you know or will know, your state of health, your home, family, favorite color and on and on, all aspects of your life are recorded in the Divine Decrees.

One would think that if you could see the chapter in Gods book, on your life, that you might be able to avoid problems, or make your life better. But that is not to be.

God has done that for us, already.

And we call that our functional spiritual life. If we pursue Gods will, pursue our daily spiritual studies and actually subscribe to a legitimate study, under instruction, in fellowship, apart from self-arrogance or some self-absorbed plan of our own, then we will be in effect following the best course possible in life, for ourselves. This is a course that God has already pre-defined which will lead us to the very best result, not only now in this world but for all of eternity.

And so, for those who look to their intellect, look to luck, look to their many tools of life, whether they be wealth, power, military might, or social status, all of these things will never get you to the ultimate outcome that you desire, never.

Remember that God laid out history in accordance with what He saw in eternity past, and He made provision for and made ready for every circumstance that we would face in life.

So, if you are well to do, then be thankful, and do not abuse your good fortune, but use it as God would have you use it wisely.

If you are less fortunate, have health issues, are in dire straits of any type, then likewise be thankful. God placed you there because you are well able to handle your situation. God knows it and you just have to realize it for yourself.

There is a huge audience in heaven, angels, who are constantly watching each and every one of us, and they cheer when we achieve the purpose that God intends for us.

God intended for us to be born in to greatness, but that greatness is not of worldly content, it is of spiritual achievement. For that alone, not your pocketbook, determines your eternal reward and destiny.

One day you will leave this world and your opportunity to demonstrate your spiritual perseverance will end with your departure from this world. So, you have the here and now, just as Olympians have their very few moments to demonstrate the results of their years of preparation. Would they prepare for years, and then quite during their event?

So, too, you have your time in this life now, to fortify your eternal status. Make good use of all that God places before you, whether good or bad, and do not let your guard down and do not give up.

Certainly it is difficult at times, especially when you are hurting either physically or mentally or emotionally, but pick yourself up, dust yourself off and advance in your spiritual life, and keep on doing that until God says, enough for you, and takes you home.

If you are still here then God is not finished with you, and you still need some fine tuning.

We are told to look to the things of heaven, and not to the things of this world. That simply means, look to the promise of a mountain of gold, and not to a pile of doggie doo-doo.

Which, to you, seems the more promising, and worth the pain and suffering and effort?

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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