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Psalm 22:10


10 I was cast [shalak] upon thee from the womb: [rechem] thou art my God ['el] from my mother's ['em] belly. [beten]  KJV-Interlinear


10 Upon Thee I was cast from birth; Thou hast been my God from my mother's womb. NASB


The preposition from, shows the place that movement started, and in this case, that movement started 'from' the womb. And this comes to mean, out from the womb. The destination by default exists outside of the womb, not some other location within the womb.

The word for belly, 'beten,' also specifies the hollow place or place within the female mother, namely the womb.

This tells us several things.

First, Jesus was born a human being. He was carried in the mothers womb for nine months and then was born.

Second, his human life began at the point of birth, 'out from' the womb.

And third, that life once it started, came under the sphere of Gods protection.

This is not to say that the fetus was not protected. But in that case, the mother was protected in order to carry the pregnancy.

But here, until life is introduced, there is no need for protection of the unborn child. That is not in the sense of human life.

Even in Revelation, we are told that Satan stood ready to destroy the child once it was born.

For until the baby Jesus sprang to life, he could theoretically have been born to any mother. Herod killed new born male children. Pharaoh killed new born male children.

But once the child was born, and once that breath of life, which in Genesis is called 'neshamah,' or the spark of life, is placed into the infant, then Gods grace for the living, applies.

So, from the womb, from the belly, and it does not say while in the womb, but from the womb, then Jesus was cast, 'shalak,' means to throw down, to cast upon, to hurl at.

And Jesus' life was hurled, thrown, cast upon God. Only a life can be cast upon God, not a non-life.

There was never a time in which the humanity of Jesus was unprotected from God.

This also supplements the concept that Jesus was born without a sin nature.

In Adam all have sinned, and that indicates the reason for the lack of the use of Joseph in connection with the virgin birth.

The sin nature is handed down to every child from the father, not the mother. And therefore all of humanity is born spiritually dead, thus requiring salvation or the plan of salvation in order to be saved.

The only exception was Adam and Eve. Adam was created, not born, and Eve was constructed out of Adam, not born. Both came into life without the sin nature. But then they both sinned and that placed all of humanity in jeopardy.

Eve sinned out of ignorance, but Adam sinned knowing full well what he was doing. Thus the burden of the sin nature was placed within his genetics and reproductive abilities.

Therefore, Jesus in order to be the perfectly born human baby, and therefore qualify for the cross, not to mention to live the perfect life, had to be born without the sin nature, thus the virgin birth. Thus He was the second Adam, by beginning life without any burden of sin.

Joseph was excluded for the process, and the Holy Spirit provided the necessary seed, likewise created out of nothing, to cause the pregnancy in Mary.

So, out from the womb, covers many concepts that point to Jesus as perfect humanity, and under the protection of God, for His entire life, and qualifying Jesus as the perfect candidate in every respect, for Gods plan of salvation.

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