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Psalm 22:11


11 Be not far [rachaq] from me; for trouble [tsarah] is near; [qarowb] for there is none to help. [`azar]KJV-Interlinear


11 Be not far from me, for trouble is near; For there is none to help. NASB


David had friends and help in various ways, all of his life. God was always there for him.

But these words apply to the Messiah as He hung on the cross, describing His situation and the total helplessness of His situation.

In verse one, we know that God forsook Him. And for good reason. Jesus came into this world on a mission, a mission of salvation. The sacrifices that were observed for many centuries and millennia, all taught this principle.

When the Israelites left Egypt, on that Passover night, the exact date of the actual sacrifice of Jesus, was set. And every year, that date was celebrated in the Passover Feast, until the actual and real sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, occurred.

But despite His actual abandonment by all, both man and God, God was still there and very near, because the cross was not to continue forever, but would come to a conclusion within just three hours time.

Trouble is near, designates the actual time of the event, that history had been waiting for since that first promise was made to Adam.

None to help, refers to two types of helpers. Those who wanted to help but could not, and those who could help but did not.

As Christ hung on the cross, He was abandoned by the apostles and friends alike. Many stood watching, helpless to do anything. Most who observed the activity of the cross, mocked and obviously would not help.

The priests could have stopped it all but did not.

And finally there is God the Father and the Holy Spirit, both of whom withheld their help in accordance with the divine plan for salvation.

The point of this verse, is that Jesus was totally without help of any kind. He was completely alone and completely abandoned and left that way until the judgment for sin was accomplished. This was the plan and this was the designed purpose of the Cross. His sacrifice had to be perfectly carried out in every way.

Even when you have difficulties in your life, there is always God, standing by to help. No person is ever totally alone. Regardless of what your situation is, you are never completely abandoned.

You might not have any people standing by your side, but that is irrelevant anyway in life. God is always there, even if you have your doubts.

Jesus is and was the only person in all of history, who was totally and completely abandoned by all. And that was for a good reason. And we should all be very grateful for that.

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