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Psalm 22:29


29 All they that be fat [dashen] upon earth ['erets] shall eat ['akal] and worship: [shachah] all they that go down [yarad] to the dust [`aphar] shall bow [kara`] before [paniym] him: and none can keep alive [chayah] his own soul. [nephesh] KJV-Interlinear


29 All the prosperous of the earth will eat and worship, All those who go down to the dust will bow before Him, Even he who cannot keep his soul alive. NASB


Jesus Christ is hanging on the cross when these words are spoken or thought by Him. Nearly everyone is making fun of Him. All are challenging Him to bring Himself down, to save Himself, to jump off and destroy their enemies, the Romans as they see it.

Mocking, spitting, trying to intimidate, trying to get Jesus to commit a sin by being resentful, by getting angry over their comments and attitudes and such.

And yet Jesus did not commit a sin but instead took their sins upon Himself and paid the price, so that all people, even those who were making fun of him, could have the opportunity of being saved from the Lake of Fire for all of eternity.

While now all were looking at Jesus with disgust and repugnance and revulsion, there will come a time when all people, without exception, will look to Christ in awe and worship Him with increasing gratitude and humility.

All that are fat, is the expression of prosperity, or wealth, or people that have had success throughout or during their life.

All that go down to the dust, is the expression of those who have had a more difficult life, those who are in poverty, those who are taken advantage of, those who have been the target of prejudice, those who work and work and never get ahead.

These two categories of people, account for everyone who has or ever will live.

And finally, those who cannot keep alive their own soul. This expression has a dual purpose. There are those in the world who are old or injured or sick, and death is their next event of which they cannot avoid. But also, this applies to every human being throughout history.

No one can avoid death. No one has the power to turn life on or to turn life off. Power over the soul is not something that man has or ever will have. God alone gives life. God alone takes life away.

Even at the moment of birth, the life of the fetus hangs in the balance of being born alive or of being still born never having known life. God alone breathes in the spark of life, 'neshamah.' God exhales life and man inhales life.

God decides life, not man.

Man who mocks Jesus, man who disregards Jesus, man who is indifferent toward his greater aspect of life, his spiritual life, has phenomenal arrogance in his attitude. Man cannot control his own life and yet he ridicules God who gives man everything that he has or ever will have.

All people have things. Some have more, most have less. All receive their possessions and life from God. No one is self-made. All are what they are because of Gods grace.

To presume that you are elite or somehow more than you are, is pure arrogance.

To complain because you do not have more, or that you should deserve more, is pure arrogance.

God deals with you in accordance with exactly what you need in life. God will not change. You must change.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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