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Psalm 22:30


30 A seed [zera`] shall serve [`abad] him; it shall be accounted [caphar] to the Lord ['Adonay] for a generation. [dowr] KJV-Interlinear


30 Posterity will serve Him; It will be told of the Lord to the coming generation. NASB


Jesus is the Lord, the Christ, the Son of God, the Savior, the promised Messiah of whom most of his generation rejected, resulting in his execution on the cross.

Jesus, as God, took this opportunity to take upon himself the sins of humanity and paid the price demanded for sin, which is death, and obtained the basis for salvation, thus providing redemption for humanity.

Those who believe in Him, which is to say also that those who believe that it was His work, that He is God and man, the unique person of the universe, shall receive the gift of salvation, which is their deliverance from eternal condemnation in the Lake of Fire.

Those who reject Jesus, do not receive this salvation, because by rejecting Jesus, they also reject His work and accomplishment and provision. They do not receive salvation because they reject it. God offers it freely to all, and withholds nothing from anyone except those who do not want it.

And so, Jesus hung on the cross providing for all for humanity, being rejected, humiliated, stripped naked after having been beaten and nailed to the cross, and ridiculed by nearly all who were present, gawking at Him.

But there will be a day, when those who look upon Him will look in worship, in awe, in humble appreciation for all that He has done.

A seed, 'zera,' figuratively a planting, a sowing, a fruit, a singular seed, which here refers to all believers in Christ. Those who reject Christ which are generally referred to as unbelievers, will not serve Christ, for obvious reasons.

These then, believers, will be the ones who will serve Christ forever in heaven.

This seed extends from Adam to the last believer in the Millennium. Potentially trillions of people from all of human history. For throughout history there will be billions of people what will be born alive and live for some time within their respective generation, but too, there have been and will continue to be people who will be born alive but will die in infancy or at some other time while not achieving an age of responsibility, and they are saved automatically. Recall the story of Davids first born son from Bathsheba, who died, but will be seen again by David in heaven.

And while there are no historical human statistics for infant mortality, since Adam, the numbers have to have been huge over the many centuries and millennia since then. A stable world population of only about three or four-hundred million for the thousand years B.C and the thousand years A.D. attests to the high mortality rate.

The world did not reach its first living population of one billion people until 1802, which was only over a period of 800 years since the end of the first millennium, and then the second billion mark came in 1927, only 125 years later, then the third billion mark in 1961 which saw it accelerate after only 34 years and so forth.

See the world population chart in the online library of charts.

For the first five-thousand years of human history, and despite very long lifespans in those first generations from Adam to Noah, the world population did not leap forward as one might expect. Only in this last century has it exploded, which by the way is one of the trends mentioned by Jesus, as defining the nearing the end of the end times.

Our dispensation, from about 30 A.D. or at the Feast of Pentecost, until the rapture is collectively called the 'end times.'

The seven year period called the Tribulation is called the 'last days.' This period begins with the Rapture and ends with the Second Advent of Christ.

All believers were seen by God in eternity past when the divine plan was conceived in the mind of God. This single conception is then the single seed category of believers as opposed to unbelievers, and is the single generation, upon its conception, even though all believers are born throughout history over many human generations.

And there is yet another use of the single generation that may be applied from this verse.

The Jewish race, will generally reject Christ throughout their history, thus bringing upon themselves, hardship and atrocity after atrocity, even until the last and final generation of our Church Age.

But then in that last generation, which will be all unbelievers when the Rapture occurs, will go into the Tribulation as unbelievers, but will see the extreme hardships and atrocities across the entire planet, and that generation will turn to Christ in huge numbers, unlike any other of the generations before them.

So in contrast to the generation of the Cross, this final generation will not mock or ridicule or reject God or Christ, but will turn to Him. And as a result most likely millions upon millions will be saved, even as they are martyred in the largest historical numbers ever.

And out of this generation, will come Jewish believers in Christ who will survive the Tribulation and enter into the Millennium as Christian/Hebrew believers, and the seed population for the remainder of the millennial reign of Christ.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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